Minecraft Nether Portal Problem.?

I was separated from my house very badly so I decided to make an ender chest so I can store my items and then die to respawn back home. I built a portal, got a blaze rod, made a chest, deposited my stuff. After drowning, I built another nether portal to get another blaze rod to make an ender chest. When trying to leave, I exit from my old portal. I also entered from the same location. How could I return to the other portal?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Information insufficient.

    The rules for nether portal linking are very spacific. The "TRUE" position translation from your overworld portal is Overworld X,Y,Z = Nether X/8,Y,Z/8 (Height position is the same, all horizontal positions condenced from overworld grid point. IE: if you build a portal to the nether at the overworld position of X:800 Y:40 Z:800, it's "translated position" in the nether is X:100 Y:40 Z:100

    When using a portal, the game takes your translated position in the nether, and searches an area of... I think 128 blocks from that spot for an active portal. If it finds one, it will teleport you there. if not, it will look the closest valid point to put one, PUT a portal there, and teleport you to that one. Should it not find a valid point to put a portal within 128 blocks, it will carve out a spot to put a portal, put a portal there, and teleport you to it. Should there be SEVERAL portals within that 128 block area, it will use the portal closest to your "translated position".

    This process works pritty much the same for teleporting back to the overworld FROM the nether. This process is performed every time a portal is used, portals are never actualy LINKED.

    More info on this can be found on the minecraft wiki. Google "Minecraft wiki nether"

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  • 3 years ago

    use gravel or sand to diminish your self down you'll want alot reason it applys to the guidelines of gravity. otherwise, if you're in a cloud and sky panorama, you're contained in the aether. in case you opt to bypass to the nether, you take advantage of the black hardend lava stuff, construct a portal, and gentle it on fireplace. otherwise construct a bridge so that you received't fall in lava.

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  • 7 years ago

    Destroy the potal u dont need no the hole thing just one major block

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