Tips/Advice To Study for this Seemingly Impossible Test?

Okay, so I have a World Religions Proctored College Exam for my online course this Friday morning. The exam is worth 1/10th of the overall grade and it spans 4 chapters, or 224 pages of material. My instructor is giving us only the book as a study guide....many students have asked already and he WILL NOT give any tips or make a study guide. I am finding it very impossible to retain 224 pages of's ridiculous. I have 100% in the course as of now, but that is only because everything thus far has been open book...the test on Friday will NOT be. Does anybody have an tips or tricks to study for a test like this without over-study/stress...Anything would be appreciated. I'm so nervous!


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  • 8 years ago
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    You have to learn how to differentiate what is relevant and irrelevant information. It's rather hard to explain the principle in a few words. Here is an article series that explains the core principle of finding relevant information + memorizing it.

  • 5 years ago

    Traditionally probably the most precious science assessments to take are the biology, chem, and physics ones. The easiest is certainly environmental science (easy self-attain capabilities of). Nonetheless, i don't consider environmental science is as beneficial because the reverse sciences for college. I believe Biology could be the satisfactory on account that it will be high-quality to self be trained (nonetheless would require effort and time) and would even be most priceless for later. AP credit score don't depend to your major. Their improvement is that they quilt most colleges' normal education requisites. Whilst you go to institution, there are special credit score hours you most of the time receive earlier than you publications for you major; these basic education credit depend within the direction of commencement. You should utilize AP/IB/CLEP/and lots of others to trade a few of these desired long-established schooling credit score (which is very worthy). For a bigger suggestion of how this works investigate out your desired colleges' internet sites and to find their common education requisites after which assess what publications you could trade alongside together with your AP credit.

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