I am planning a 1 week long Smoky Mountain Christmas trip. Any suggestions of places to stay/see?

I am from Mississippi; considering beginning the trip by driving to Lynchburg Tennessee, maybe hitting up Kentucky for whisky tours, and then driving to Chattanooga and through North Carolina/northern Georgia. Prefer to not stay in hotels; would like to stay in cabins/camping. On a budget as well


The first person that answered reminded me: I would not like to stay in a tourist trap! haha. I would prefer a small cabin in a secluded scenic area.

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    You are kind of driving all over the place and backtracking. Here is my suggestion:

    Take the Natchez Trace from MS up to the TN line, then head over to Lynchburg to visit Jack Daniel Distillery. You might also visit George Dickel Distillery in Tullahoma, since you are in the neighborhood. Download the TN Spirits & Wine Trail at http://www.tnspiritsandwinetrail.com/

    for other destinations. If you want to camp nearby, look at Tims Ford State Park. See

    http://www.tn.gov/environment/parks/TimsFord/ for both camping and cabins.

    Then head toward Chattanooga for some sightseeing then over to the Smokies. A few places you might want to look at staying are Amicolola Falls State Park in north GA, Townsend TN, or Cherokee NC. They are non-touristy, but close to lots of things to do. For a cabin in Townsend check with www.townsendviewrentals.com but don't wait too long because it is a busy time of year.

    Save the distilleries in KY for another trip. Enjoy your week off, not driving all over the place.

    Source(s): former travel agent in that neck of the woods
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    Try Aunt Bugs Cabins, they have a website. Great private cabins, but you should hurry, they book up quick at this time of year.

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