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your love is a drug - Tristan

your love is a drug - Tristan Clope

I need english 完整歌詞 thanks!

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  • 小豬
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    Getting anything done

    How do you expect that from me?

    If the only time you ever take me back

    Is when I'm deep in my sleep

    Addicted though I was

    I can finally see

    That you were never

    Ever good for me

    But as my mind said "no"

    My heart said "yes"

    And I crawled right back

    Right back into your lap and back to this mess

    And though you treat me so mean

    I can't really help

    But beg for your

    Love to bail me out

    I met so many others

    But I can't quite find another

    I wish I could stop baby but your

    Love is a drug

    Now the years gone by

    I can't really blink my eyes

    For seeing you in another

    Your love is a drug

    I wish they made some type of detox

    For a fool like me

    Cause I can't stop using

    Baby I'm high as a tree

    And when I'm not with you

    Well I get withdrawals

    But when I am with you

    I feel two feet tall

    I don't think there's a rehab

    For a disease like this

    Said, I get the shivers when you don't call

    But when you do it's like a hit

    Oh please, give me everything

    My body can take

    Cause my soul won't stop

    Until I'm six feet deep


    But now, now, now

    I won't let you get to me

    This time I won't fold

    I don't want nothing to do with you

    By the way, what you doing tomorrow night?

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