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About cooking and baking?

Well, I'm 14 and I love to cook. My favorite is baking! I really would love to cook more often. I am never aloud to cook dinner. My mom always does.(hamburger helper, meatloaf, spaghetti, chicken, hotdogs, etc. and a store bought loaf of bread and canned or frozen veggies and sometimes a salad.) I'm definitely not complaining, because I'm very grateful she cooks almost every night. I'm not allowed to cook meat. I cook myself lunch almost everyday.(pasta with fresh kale, tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, and drizzled with lemon juice is one of my favorites!) I love to make homemade yeast rolls.(with cinnamon butter is amazing!) I do make most of my recipes. For cooking and baking. I do all of my family's birthday cakes.(mine is coming soon and I might make my own! lol) I was wondering if there is anything I could do? Is cooking a good career to eventually go into? Any way to go into baking? Is there anything I could do now? I do draw and sculpt too, so I love to do cakes with fondant and stuff like that.

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    You're pretty good for a 14 yo girl Caitin. My Mom wouldn't teach me anything about cooking either. My first year in high school, I enrolled in Home Economics and learned how to follow a recipe. And I began baking cakes, brownies and bread. We moved away and I went into another school district and this teacher was lazy, she never taught us students anything. It was a total waste of time. So finally, I began to learn how to cook meat from older girl friends. Finally, I enrolled into Culinary Arts or Chef School and I learned lots more.

    If you want to teach yourself to cook meat, roast meat, chicken, etc. grill steaks, then get yourself a couple of thermometers. You'll need two of them. Plus an oven thermometer. The deep fryer or candy thermometer looks like this...


    It only cost $9.99. That's a good price. And it will last you a long time if you take care of it. You need it to fry fish, shrimp, chicken, do nuts, anything that is fryed. It's also a candy thermometer but I use mine mostly to fry foods.

    I use my instant-read digital thermometer every time I cook almost. It is to check the temperature of roasts, steaks, casseroles, baked potatoes, custards, etc. The temperature range only goes up to 299 degrees, so it can't be used for frying foods. ( Most fryed foods need a temperature of 350 to 370 or 400 degrees). The instant-read digital thermometer looks like this...


    It is $19.00 and you can check the temperature of the roast, meatloaf, roast chicken, etc. or a casserole and once the food has reached a certain temperature, it is done and ready to remove from the oven. Allow it to rest about 15 or 20 minutes and serve.

    An oven thermometer will cost you about $5-6. It looks like this.


    If your oven is not so new, you may need to check the temperature to see if it is accurate or if it is inacurate. Some oven are off as much as 50 degrees.

    Here are some charts and guides for roast and various meats.


    Here are some good websites with videos on cooking...just click on videos or recipes...




    Understanding how to use cooking thermometers will prevent you from burning a roast or over cooking a meat loaf or most any kind of food. A roast turkey, etc. I included a web page of temperature cooking charts for you to go by. The only place you can find these easily is online. All professional chefs and cooks use these thermometers and rely on the temperature charts.


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    Watch the meals channel! They have distinct recipies & recommendations & tips. You just decide on the chef you like to observe. I admire Alton Brown on good Eats. He offers all forms of information about what he cooks! Then, you could go to the internet site & get the recipies for the whole thing. & you already know what he did to get to the effect.

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    Yes it is. Your menu sounds better then your moms and healthier.

    Start with taking as many cooking home economic classes as you can. And look into culinary schools in your area and requirements.

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    Cooking and baking requires practice, practice, practice.It is a great career. Keep doing what you are doing and soon it will be as easy as saying the abc's. = )

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