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What is the cheapest way to get from Virginia USA to Birmingham UK?

Would it be cheapest to go directly or should I go to New York then go to Birmingham? or is it cheaper to fly into a near by area then take a train to the UK?


wow first person to answer was just a jerk. by near i mean any ******* country that is near that i can transport over to the UK form there .

Update 2:

What i was asking is is it cheaper to fly to a different airport in the UK or a near by country or anything if you include the price of transport by other means in there as well. I am asking because there isnt exatly a site i knkow of that makes this easy to look up multiple locations and methods at once. I am just asking if anyone who has done it themselves knows.

Update 3:

This IS Yahoo ANSWERS not Yahoo Im Gonna Ask You To Look It Up Yourself isnt it????????

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    8 years ago
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    It's usually cheapest to fly to the nearest large city airport to your destination, which in this case will be Birmingham Airport.

    If you travel to another destination first and then transfer, it's almost always more expensive, and will take considerably longer, especially if that first destination is in another country.

    For example, you could fly to Paris, France, and then take the train to London, via the channel tunnel, but then you still have to get another train or coach from London to Birmingham.

    To get to England from mainland Europe you have to either fly, take a ferry or the train through the tunnel, and all of these will cost extra.

    I'm not sure of the current flight situation, I have flown from Birmingham to New York, but the last time I travelled to the USA I flew from Manchester to Philadelphia because the flight times were more convenient.

    I'd guess that the cheapest (and quickest) option may be to take an internal flight from your local airport to one that can fly you direct to Birmingham, or another English airport.

    Source(s): Personal experience going the other way.
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  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There are no "near" airports that fly to the USA Birmingham is a major airport

    Are you capable of using the internet and searching ?

    Planes fly from Richmond[RIC] to Birmingham[BHX] and the cost is $988


    It is pure laziness to ask people to do your route planning because you can not be bothered to spend time looking.

    If you have multiple tabs open on your computer you can compare easily

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