Should I quit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

I'm 15 years old, pretty skinny guy, about 135 pounds and 5'10". I'm a white belt and have been doing jiu jitsu for about 9 months. Jiu jitsu just isn't fun for me because I always get owned in rolling because i'm either smaller/less skilled then everyone else. Not to mention im the only one in the class who is under 30 years of age. I like BJJ but it's not very fun for me. I have tried to convince my friends to train with me but they don't even want to try it. I feel stuck.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Are you sure the place you do BJJ is an official place with world class instructors? The reason I am saying this is because many places claim that they teach BJJ when in fact they are very inexperienced in it. Now about your question, I think you will like BJJ once you are atleast a blue belt, because that is when you get kind of good and you tap people out and trust me tapping people out feels great. Now if you are rolling with brown belts and purple belts then that is not your fault that you are getting bored but the problem is that you are not skilled enough yet to be a challenge to them. Try rolling with your own skill if you are not already and just hang in there. I'm sure you will be exceptional one day and always remember that an Expert in anything was once a beginner :D. Hope I helped!

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    So is the problem the martial art or the learning environment??

    You say its not fun because you keep getting owned. Unfortunately, as a white belt you will get beat up all the time by the more senior members of the class. I'm going to say tough it out because you said you like BJJ buts its not fun because you get beat all the time. However, you're getting real valuable experience being able to play with bigger/more skilled guys. You have no choice but to learn to swim if thrown into the deep end. Keep at it man and when you get that blue belt I'm sure it won't be so hard to own you anymore. Keep up the training!

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    usually there is a kids class and adult class.

    That sound pretty unfair and I understand your lack of interest when you train with people you can't really relate with.

    That aside, when it comes to skill obviously your going to get "owned" only trained for 9 month....

    At this point of training your focus should still be on survival and defense.

    Don't force yourself to train if it is no longer fun.

    But do not quit simply because you get "owned". every white belt go through this and even higher belt. I'm getting my *** kick day in day out right now too. but i still train and find the positive side of thing. Atleast I'm getting better than I was yesterday if I don't quit and keep training.

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    5 years ago

    First of all, you go to a martial arts school to learn martial arts not for socializing, of course you'll eventually find a friend in your school, but that depends on your attitude and personality. If you are a douche, then you won't make any friends no matter how good you become. Secondly, the impression I get from what you are saying is that you think they are mean to you and ignore you because of your skill(either you lack it or have a lot of it) at least that's what you are convinced the reason is. But have you ever thought about whether or not they ignore you because of your attitude? You say they were complete jerks at the start, because they said you had no business competing, that could mean you insist on sparring even if you were not ready yet and biting off more than you can chew, which shows c0ckiness. Then you say you studied videos and attribute your new found skill to self learning instead of the lessons from your class, that means you like to gloat over the fact that you don't need to learn from your instructor and just go to the gym to show off your skills and make everyone tap to show them up.Of course no one would want to talk to you. You could be the best grappler in the class but if you act like a douche, then no one would want to talk with you. Most people who are ego centered would assume that becoming skillful and not tapping out would be enough to impress people and make the others change their minds and suddenly want to be friends with them. If you read your own statements, you can see that you like to emphasize the fact that you're good and except for your instructor, no one in your class can make you tap out, if that doesn't reek of c0ckiness and ego I don't know what is. Should you quit BJJ? That's up to you. Should you change your attitude? Absolutely. You wanna make friends, leave your ego at the door.

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