Confederate Flag: Hate or Heritage?

I have to write a paper WITHOUT MY PERSONAL OPINION on why the Confederate Flag is a symbol hate to some and why it is a symbol of heritage and then how to reconcile the two. I can't find sources and it is so hard to come up with a whole essay. PLEASE HELP!!! (and don't be ignorant,thanks)

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    To many the Confederate flag is a sign of southern pride or even rural pride. For example, the show the Dukes of Hazard with the Confederate flag on top of the General Lee was never intended to be racist in any way. And if you watched the show, that instead, they taught against racism if you looked at what Uncle Jesse would teach them.

    But on the other hand, you also have white supremicist groups that use it to promote racism.

    The same can be said of many other things. For example when I took one college class we got talking about such things you could even still see around the community. Such as the base of trees being painted white. Growing up I had always thought of those as people who wanted to make their lawn look extra clean, because usually their yards were well taken care of. But then I'd found out in that class from other students that the white ring around the base of the tree once meant that only whites were welcome at that house. When you run across that white ring, was it the person just trying to make their lawn look pretty and didn't know the history or were they trying to make a racial statement? Who knows?

    Many symbols can have multiple meanings and can be misused. For example, Adolf Hitler got the swastyka symbol that he used to represent the Nazis from a cross on the catholic church he went to growing up.

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    I think you need to look up the history of the Confederate Flag. It is a symbol of Hate because the KKK who paraded around and tormented people carried this Flag. To me the Confederate flag represents maintaining the Slave State where blacks "knew their place", whites profited off of free labor and built their wealth on this, while constantly tormenting blacks and non-whites. Whites were proud of the way things were and were willing to die instead of abolishing slavery. Everything this flags represents is in contradiction with our own constitution.. Whites on the other hand were proud of their heritage sometimes being directly related to the wealthy of south ignoring how the wealth was created. IMO it is just as any wealthy descendant; they just have the money and they don't care how it was made and past on to them. They justify this by stating I am not the one who owned the slaves or treated people unfairly. Many of their descendants may have been war heroes, presidents, etc. They attributed their ancestors for building this country and the south and not the free labor. Could you imagine how much today's companies would make it you worked for them for free..

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    It's both, but it also depends on the context used. A person might display it because they're very proud of their Southern heritage, and it's also incorporated on Mississippi's state flag.

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    Treason, people who are proud is like flying a union jack instead of old betsy. Makes no sense. Only racists fly the confederate flag. It is a symbol of treason and remember they also lost so they sucked at war

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    The U.S. accomplice Flag represented component to u.s. that valued the inhumane and insupportable acts of cruelty hostile to those who in basic terms have different shade pores and skin. hence, to at the second one... it truly is type of a remembrance of what got here about. A, seen reminder, in case you wish. enable's say some terrorists submit images of 9/11 onto a flag. And saved it putting everywhere. saying that, that is in basic terms up there because I quite have delight of the position i'm from. that is ignorant and disrespectful. So for most, that is a demonstration of disrespect to save it putting.

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    the confederate flag means southern pride and hate

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