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Clayton Kershaw vs Tim Lincecum?

Who is the better pitcher? Who would you rather have on the mound for Game 7?

Clayton Kershaw-led the NL in wins once, era twice, so once and whip twice. He has one Cy Young

He has pitched 5 years in the big leagues

Tim Lincecum------1 Cy Young in first full season, won it again next year.led nl in strikeouts 3 times.

who wud u rather have in a big game? timmy has two world series titles while kershaw has never pitched a big game in his life


To all those who say Lincecum's velocity has dropped, yes that is true. He pitched as high as 99 mph his start vs the phillies. But in the 2010 WS his fastball topped at 93 MPH. in the 2012 WS it also topped out at 93 MPH.

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    Considering Timmy L has some good post season outings under his belt and proved to pitched much better than expected in long relief this past World Series, where games are on the line, the season being on the line (Kershaw hasn't pitched in these circumstances), and with Tim L coming out a winner each time plus the 2010 World Series. If I'm the manager of the team and had to choose between those 2 pitchers, game 7 situation, with everything on the line - I will for sure take experience (Tim L) over a pitcher that has no WS experience to speak of.

    Having said that - I will take Tim L and put "the Freak" on the mound and the bad boy do his thing. I'm still fascinated watching him pitch and getting out of jam after jam, if he's even in a jam to begin with. "The Freak" is hands down the man for the job, no ifs,ands or buts!

    Just as a disclaimer: I am not a Giants fan nor a Dodgers fan. So if anyone is thinking that I'm pulling for "The Freak" because he's on the team that I'm a fan of - that's out. I'm a die hard Yankees fan for over 30 years, but still love watching "The Freak" do his thing.

    I'll say this: If my beloved Yankees played the SF Giants in the WS (which could have been had the Yankees beat the Tigers, which coincidentally ended up getting a taste of its own medicine by getting swept just as well), and it's game 7 with Tim Linc pitching, i'd be a little panicky inside, much more-so than if Kershaw was pitching in that same scenario.

    So there you have it. In the post season Tim Linc is the man having had the experience he's had, and knowing that, I believe he'd do a much better job keeping the score very low on the opposition than if Kershaw was pitching in a game 7 of the world series.

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  • nahid
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    i might initiate Kershaw acceptable now for 2 motives: Lincecum's speed dropped immensely at present. If he replaced right into a fineness pitcher who in no way depended on his stuff, i might in all probability %. him like choosing Maddux. otherwise, I %. the pitcher with greater effective present day stuff. Lincecum’s each year overall performance in 2012 replaced into worse than subpar. In playoff video games, that's continually approximately self assurance. With the surge of present day fulfillment with Kershaw, i will initiate Kershaw only because of fact he will provide me the point of self assurance. At their top, i think of i might initiate Lincecum for his journey. It additionally in accordance with tournament united statesopposed to communities because of fact they're pitching from distinctive part. Lincecum to this point has a greater effective profession huge style yet I don’t think of I actual have adequate self assurance in him after his initiate against the Cardinals.

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    I would start Kershaw right now for two reasons:

    Lincecum's velocity dropped immensely in recent years. If he was a fineness pitcher who never relied on his stuff, I would probably pick him like picking Maddux. Otherwise, I pick the pitcher with better current stuff.

    Lincecum’s yearly performance in 2012 was worse than subpar. In playoff games, it is always about confidence. With the surge of recent success with Kershaw, I will start Kershaw just because he will give me the level of confidence.

    At their prime, I think I would start Lincecum for his experience. It also based on match ups against teams since they are pitching from different side. Lincecum so far has a better career number but I don’t think I have enough confidence in him after his start against the Cardinals.

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    As I Giants fan i'd still have to go Kershaw. Lincecum was awful this year, he had the highest ERA of any qualifier in the NL. Even if he recovers from that, Kershaw is far more consistent.

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  • Adam D
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    In Game 7, I would rather have Timmy, because I know what he can do. But if I were to build the foundation of my pitching staff around one guy, it would be Kershaw... and I'm a Giants fan and it feels like I should go to Hell for just thinking that.

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    If Tim Lincecum is pitching how he is right now, then I would have to say Clayton Kershaw.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Clayton kershaw without a doubt....I'm telling you he's better than Lincecum in every way

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kershaw, hate to say because i'm a Giants fan but i'm also realistic and Lincecum isn't what he was in 2009 and 2010.

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    I would go with Kershaw because he has did good all year but Lincecum has been moved to the bullpen

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    Kershaw, at least until Lincecum shows he can get back to where he was.

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