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If your favorite characters & historical icons were Americans living in 2012, who would they vote for on Tues.?

Imagine historical icons you admire and your favorite characters from books, movies, and TV shows were American citizens living in 2012 and eligible to vote in the election on Tuesday. Who would they vote for for president? What issues would matter to them the most? What other candidates would they endorse with their vote? What state propositions would they be in support of or in opposition to? (You can just pick the state for them.)

Bonus Questions:

1. If you were to create your own political party, what would it be called?

2. Will you be voting on Tuesday?

3. How happy will you be on Wednesday when the election is finally over?

Please don't thumbs up or down answers based on your own political preferences.

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    The ones I have any respect for would vote for Obama, with reservations, given his allowances made to conservatives so far.

    Their votes would be for the preservation of social supports and individual rights and in hopes of more equitable taxation for a more sane economic future, rather than for Romney's disdain and disregard for the '47% who want everything handed to them free' (paraphrasing there, too lazy to look it up and quote him exactly), and his apparent desire to give the top 10% everything for free while the economic spiral deepens and conservative courts give gov't ever more intrusive powers over the people.

    I'm also sure they'd be voting for any change from a war on drugs to a war on violence and violent crime. As much as they were victims of violence and inheritors of it's results, they'd make that the first priority of law enforcement and education.

    1. No idea, other than maybe the Red Whigs.

    2. Yes.

    3. I will be happy If I like the results, and relieved the latest cycle is finally finished.

    Source(s): Many current and former conservatives and the mainline economists who have watched in amazement as the anti-tax lobby has bullied Congress into bankrupting the economy into freefall, among them Reagan's budget director David Stockman who warned Reagan about the budgets when the national debt was only approaching 2 trillion. And the many who are greatly troubled by the court's allowing increasingly intrusive, authoritarian decisions that penalize the many and the weak for the sake of the more powerful.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ben Franklin would vote for Romney because unlike most people today, he had common sense. George Carlin wouldn't vote because he doesn't believe in our stupid ******* system.

    1. The Agendaless

    2. No cause Alabama's mail return system is run by the incompetent, and Alabama will vote repub anyway

    3. Extremely! I'm sick of hearing my mother praise the taliban of a Tea Party and my father complaining about how if Mitt doesn't win the world will end. People have been saying the same thing since Jefferson and Adams... Except back then instead of tearing down Adam's political plan Jefferson hired a journalist to write that John Adams was in fact , and i quote, "a hermaphrodite" ;)

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  • vikash
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    3 years ago

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