Dlcks sporting goods Billing address different from shipping address?

so i am ordering a present for someone and the billing address will be different from the shipping address.so i am wondering if anything will be sent to my house because i dont want my parents figuring it out. they are just going to complain why am i wasting money that sort of stuff. but if i send it to my friends place will i still get something in the mail?

like one time i ordered books and sent it to my dads job and nothing was sent to my house. but that was for barnes and noble. i am ordering from ***** sporting goods. do u think i will get something by mail?

i heard you wouldnt but just want to make sure.

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    7 years ago
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    Well yes, if you will ship it to a different address nothing will be sent to your home. The company will not send 2 products for the price of one, right? The only way your parents might find out is through the credit card you used. If they own the card, they'll definitely find out, if you own the card keep the billing statement.

    If you're really that worried and concerned, the safest is to use a forwarding company http://www.nybox.com/ in two ways. First, you can make use of their credit card to purchase your products or have them forward the product you purchase so there is no direct communication between you and the sporting goods company.

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