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how many murders are in southeast dc alone?

because i heard of how bad it is

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    In 2005, the murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants was 35.4 in Washington, D.C. ( Infoplease, an online almanac of data, does not break down the murder rate according to city neighborhoods.

    The FBI reported 132 murders across the city in 2010 ( Like Infoplease data, the FBI does not break down the information according to neighborhood.

    For in-depth coverage see the Washington Post's fall 2012 investigative report, "Murder Under the Microscope." Reporters compiled data from D.C. Metropolitan Police Department records, D.C. Superior Court records, Washington Post research and analysis to create the report, which includes a helpful interactive map and graph (see here: You can note that NE had the highest number of murders at 48 (2011). There was one more murder in SE than in NW in 2011: 29 (NW) and 30 (SE). You can contrast 2011 numbers with numbers from 2000 easily.



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