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How do you write a Musical scene into a novel not a movie?

I'm 14, I've been working on a book for about 5 months now, normally after the first week of writing into a story I'd delete it relizing its bad, but this time I think I did good on everything but now there's a scene that has music in it and I have no idea how to write it? For singing do I just write it with "Lyrics here" or what? And for the rythme of the beat how do I write this? I've never wrote a musical scene before so I could use the help please...

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    8 years ago
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    Whew. A book!? Goddam, boy, u continue to surprise! "

    Excerpt from November 1913 Publishers Daily "Following his non-fiction on how he 'took out' a drug menace, Sterling wrote a novel at age 14. It won the First Fiction award for 2014 and is soon to be made into a major picture. Leonardo DiCaprio will play the Sterling character."

    ...............................................................< * * * >

    Well, on June 26 I finished my own 238 pg book, "Solo." It's about two pilots and how a fatal flight changes them forever.

    Yay! Now I have a competitor. Who will make into print first? I needed a 'driver' Y will be that driver.

    "Solo" has a musical scene where the boy pilot plays at his High School.

    Lyrics: treat them just like dialogue except that u put them in italics (can't do that here obviously).

    If you have a block of lyrics, u probably want to indent them a little more than the paragraph tab.I'll try to show here:

    .......Paragraph indent, then Text text textttttttt

    Text text text text texttttttttt

    ............Lyrics in italics, lyrics in italic. See how slightly more indented than para?

    ............Lyrics in italis

    ............Lyrics lyrics

    As to "rythme of the beat" u just have to have it described by the narrator. Here's a snippet from "Solo" soon to be made into a major picture. Cam not only wrote it, but stars in this incredible...

    I've capitalized the description of beat, etc. Y simply imbed it with the text. Note, too, the lyrics further down.

    Snippet begins:"

    They were ready. Seth found himself holding his breath. Dawson looked back at Annie, gave a nod and they started off. ONE LOW GUITAR BEGAN GENTLY THUMPING One, then another came in and finally the third one to make a pleasingly complex sound. THE BOYS ON EITHER SIDE OF DAWSON BEGAN OO-ING AND ANNIE [drummer] BEGAN LAY DOWN A GENTLE SCUFFING. The hair at the back of Seth’s head stood up. This sound was coming from a Dawson he didn’t know, a Dawson utterly at ease with hundreds of eyes on him.

    It was a sad song and Seth sensed bewildered disappointment in the kids. What’s this bullshit? C’mon, Dawson, rock out! Seth felt himself tighten. Would they…boo Dawson? The other two kids now leaned in and the three BEGAN TO SING IN ERNEST,

    >>>............“Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door’…”<<< [Sterling: these lyrics in italics in manuscript look like dialogue]

    About the third “Knock, Knock” Seth got it and for a short time he was the only in the audience who understood....

    End snippet

    Anyway, I'll help u any way I can. But in return u must withhold yr novel from publication until mine has been published and made into.....

    And, hey, don't delete nuthin! No. That is production and u must hold onto it. Just make a "Ditchable" folder.

    Jesus, I gotta go to work! Whooop! Whoop! Launch! Launch!



    Source(s): * An incredible novel soon to be made into.... See an interview with Tom Cruise on FB. Tom stars as the Cam character in "Solo" Tweet.
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