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So, today I went to a gunshow with my pops and was checking out everything on sale there, trying to get a good idea of what I want as well as price. Now if I had the money of course I would go balls to the wall but realistically I want to spend about 500-1000 dollars max. I do NOT want a pistol or shotgun. I really am looking to get an AR15 or another gun similar to that. My big question is what the big difference between a 22lr vs something like a .223 chamber would be.. obviously besides the ammo they shoot. If the 22 is less expensive as a gun and for ammo, why not just go with that? I really want the gun to a) have fun shooting targets with and b) possibly hunt with later.. I do want to get some cool add ons to the gun later like a good scope and a foregrip. Please advise with any suggestions on a similar weapon and good brands to look into, and also possibly any suggestions on what to add to said guns. Thanks!


Well wc, thats why I am asking these questions.. guide me and tell me the differences.. I plan on just really shooting the gun at the range and having fun with it for now, and like i said perhaps killing some little buggers with it later.. I have never owned a gun but have shot plenty of different types before. If i go with a conversion whats the benefit and do I have to put that all together myself?

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  • akluis
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    7 years ago
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    a 22LR rifle will cost you around $200-300. A box of 50 rounds will cost you $2

    a 223 rifle like an AR-15 will cost you $600, a box of 50 rounds will cost you $20

    that being said, a 22LR is for shooting paper targets, squirrels, rabbits, and the like at 20 to 50 yards. A 223 is a potent man-stopper, can be used for paper targets out to 500 yards, is often used to shoot small animals at 200-300 yards, if used for rabbits and squirrels at close range will blast them apart, makes a great long range coyote gun, and in some places can be used to hunt deer.

    it all depends on which one more fits your needs. Most people are best served by a good 22LR rifle, something like a Ruger 10/22. Even people with AR-15s will often also own a nice 22LR rifle just because the gun is so inexpensive and the ammo is so affordable, it pays for itself.

  • august
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    7 years ago

    In addition to what akluis has already said, I'd suggest you go buy a book or three about guns. Learn a little on your own, because not only is the incredible amount of information that most of us here could teach you too much to type, but also because you'll appreciate learning on your own.

    And don't get a conversion kit for an AR. You're looking to spend $1,000 at the most, which means you have enough to buy an inexpensive but good quality AR-15 and still have enough left over to buy an inexpensive but good quality .22LR. My suggestions are the S&W M&P15 Sport and a Savage 64F. The M&P15 Sport should cost you no more than $800, and the Savage 64F should cost around $150.

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  • WC
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    7 years ago

    If you cannot tell the different uses applicable for the .22LR and the .223 Rem. round, you are NOT ready to but anything yet.What do you intended to do with the rifle primarily? There is no gun that can do it all.

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  • 7 years ago

    Buy an nice ar 15 223 and get a nice conversion kit and have both


  • 7 years ago

    I like a good twenty two long ranged can take down a deer and there pretty cheap.

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