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What are the chances of getting altitude sickness after getting it once before?

I went to Mt Kilimanjaro (Altitude 19,000 ft). I didn't reach the summit because I got sick. I got water in my lung and a possible brain swelling. Felt very sick at the end of the fourth day at 13,000 and had to evacuate. I would like to go back next year and hopefully reach the summit this time.

I took altitude sickness medication, Diamox, climbed slowly, drunk 4 liters of water a day and before i arrived in Tanzania I trained quiet a lot.

My plan for the next climb is to spend more time as I'm going along to the summit. Do I have a chance to reach the summit?

Thank you.

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    Hi there,

    First off congrats on heading to Kilimanjaro and hiking parts of it- that's quite a feat in itself! Obviously a very wise choice to evacuate and head down the mountain as edema is very, very serious.

    You most definitely have a chance of reaching the summit as long as you try and be as best prepared as you can. Are there any mountain ranges in your areas where you can practice acclimatizing? It's a good idea to try and get your body used to being at higher altitudes. Like you said, planning to stay there for a longer duration of time is also wise...If you can, I would plan on taking the longer route on Kilimanjaro, or staying in base camps longer than normal, to acclimatize as you've previously experienced health issues before. Make sure you have extra amounts of the altitude sickness medication as well.

    With that being said, do you mean you're going alone without a guide etc? Considering you've experienced issues, I would really suggest having someone with you. Sometimes we ourselves don't realize how sick we are becoming, and only have the summit in mind.

    If you are both physically and mentally prepared, I'm sure you will have a shot of summiting.

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    i'm no longer an 'extreme backpacker,' yet i recognize that you'll lease a mini tank (like a million/2-a million/4 of a scuba tank length) of organic oxygen, and breath it in case you get altitude ailment or you in basic terms get drained. you in all likelihood do not opt for air mixes (like nitrogen/oxygen/carbon dioxide) in basic terms organic oxygen.

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