Could I become a dermatologist without going to med. school?

...or is there any faster way than going to med. school? I'm currently in secondary school in Sweden and studying a natural science program. (Yes, the system is different.) After secondary school you study in university, and in Sweden you can choose "orientation" or "focus", engineering, economy, medicine etc. To become a dermatologist you have to read to become a doctor/physician (medical focus). This takes about five years and then specializing in another 2-3 years, if I'm not wrong. I can't really explain the system, so I hope this can help:

So again, is there any faster way to become dermatologist? How does it work in other countries?

Also, is there any similar profession? If so, what are the similarities and differences?

I'm sorry if this question is fuzzy, but I would really appreciate the help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    NO. Dermatology is a medical degree. The skin is, after all, the body's largest organ. Perhaps you could be a Medical Aesthetician


  • 8 years ago

    It takes about 12 years in the U.S. (4 years college, 4 years medical school, 4 years specialized training). I'd say Sweden is already the faster way.

  • WC
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    8 years ago

    No way. A dermatologist is a MD specializing in the treatment of skin disease.

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    8 years ago

    Follow this guy's example, only don't get caught.

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