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Cadillac cts sedan. Good car?

Ok I'm about to turn 19. Im getting my car in January. And I've had my eyes on the Cadillac cts sedan. For a girl I love sporty luxury cars. My budget is pretty low about $9000. I've been looking into 03-06 maybe even 07 I haven't checked the difference in pricing yet. Any advice on the cars the maintenance, is it reliable? As in no frequent break downs or anything like that considering it is an American car. Is it a good car, how is it on gas, etc all the fun facts. Any answers are highly appreciated thanks :) I know insurance would be high as well it'll be under my name any numbers on the range I may be looking at?

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    Complexity = high cost in repairs. Cadillac has always been more complex than the average car because of all the electronic gadgets. Two decades ago, Cadillacs had 7 computers on board. You might think computers are reliable, but you need to remember this one gets left out in temperature extremes 24/7. A common problem with the North-star engine is blown head gaskets and leaks which are very expensive to fix. Many independent garages refuse to work on them or just charge by the hour, meaning you pay to educate them while they read manuals or get on the net to figure out how to work on them. This basically narrows your choices down to new car dealerships to work on your car. They charge about half again to double per flat rate hour what an independent would charge if they went by the book. So, you have expensive taste, but you will pay for it, and I don't mean just initial purchase price. If you look to Japan, you can find smaller, less complex high performance cars that will be more reliable and cheaper to fix when the do break, get better MPG, and have higher resale. Subaru WRX?

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    Cadillac has never ever been known for low maintenance costs and cheap parts. CADILLAC MEANS EXPENSIVE PARTS all the way and this is not a good car for a no maintenance plan. Every nut and bolt is a lot more money than any part of a toyota or nissan will ever be And if it has that crappy northstar engine run like hell this was some experiment that failed badly and they no longer do that engine any more it had a aluminum block with cast iron heads which is of course BACKWARDS from every other aluminum engine. Most performance engines were aluminum heads with a cast iron block. And of course it runs great when new but did not hold up long term and if you overheated it one time it would ruin the motor and cost you about 6 or 7 grand to replace.

    I would go look for a toyota a nissan a mazda or a subaru they may not be as flashy and some B S power symbol for the rich and stupid but they do have cheap parts are all over the USA and you don't have to pay a dealership ONLY just to get parts.

    Here are two web sites actually I will give you three you can check if you like about cars and complaints from car owners. has a lot of information about many different types of vehicles. there are not a whole lot of complaints against cadillacs in general. On the other hand has 200 complaints for the 2003 model year alone many for engine and transmission and electrical problems as the cars continue to age they get a lot worse and need a lot more maintenance this is a lot bigger website than you can also check a website called it has an estimator section that you can get some idea of how much a part is including estimates on repairs and some other interesting facts I have never signed in so don't worry about that, TAKE YOUR TIME and look over this information carefully get a sense of what are the good the good years the bad years and the great years good luck

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    I think you in for too much money for a car has no warranty

    2007 Powertrain 5 years / 100000 Miles factory

    Buy something lest luxury but newer

    To have the exact condition what you buying see the link I sent you

    These are standard form for AC Delco TSS shop or GM Goodwrech inspection sheet standard price for the whole thing is $49.95 and it include an oil change

    best $50.00 you ever invested

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    I have had 2 cts s they have been extremely reliable and low maintenance.I bought mine at Gold Coast Cadillac in Eatontown, NJ, it may be Ocean Township, not sure.

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    American cars have come a long way. It's a very reliable car, just look for one with low miles (under 80,000). You'll like the car. It's fast and sporty.

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    Definitely the G35 Sedan. It gets better gas mileage.

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    Theyre not really reliable, in the shop they come through with all kind of problems mostly just the 5.7 tho

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    Just stay away fomr the 2.8L & the 3.2L engines. Those are the old crappy Catera engines that suck. Drainplugs get stripped on them & there are no more oil pans to replace them.. Always leaking oil, costly timing belts. 3.6L engines are not really any better, timing chains issues from lack of oil changes

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    '08 and newer modal CTS are actually more reliable. Why not look at an '08 CTS?

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