Did Buffalo Soldiers take part (fight) during the Civil War?

If so, which wars? If not, what did they do, then, and how did it affect America? Thanks :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    During the Civil War, more than 180,000 African-Americans wore the Union Army blue. Another 30,000 served in the Navy, and 200,000 served as workers on labor, engineering, hospital and other military support projects. More than 33,000 of these soldiers gave their lives for the sake of freedom and their country. 23 African-Americans received the nation's highest military award during the Civil War.

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  • There was no such terminology as Buffalo Soldier in the Civil War. The African-Ameircan/Blackman was called, 'Colored Soldier'. The term Buffalo Soldier didn't occur until after the Civil war in 1868, two years after the Civil War ended.

    There were many battles the Color Troops took part in, but mainly were the guerilla fighters...

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