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Do you think doctor assisted suicide should be legal? Why?

im doing a Persuasive Speech Outline and im wondering what your opinion is.

and i need examples of why it should be legal.

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    What would you do if you had a dog which didn't have long to live and was living in extreme pain? Would you consider it kinder to put it to sleep or let it live out the remainder of its life suffering?

    In a way we are kinder to our pets than our loved ones (people).

    I would like to think if I were to get cancer or an uncurable painful illness I would have the choice to allow a doctor to help me with assisted suicide so my family didn't have to suffer watching me suffer and wasting away.

    At the moment asssited suicide is illegal in the UK, yet some people circumvent this law by taking their loved ones to a clinic in Switzerland where it is legal. This is actually a crime by UK law, although noone has actually been charged in the UK yet for helping someone travel to Switzerland to take their life they have the fear of arrest to worry about.

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    It is on Oregon. Check it out. They passed a law about 10-12 years ago. They thought that hundreds of people who come to Oregon to die but it didn't happen.

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