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Alonzo asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 8 years ago

Do you get Stationed in the Army Reserve?

Do you get STATIONED once you join the Reserve im thinking i might go for 11B Infantry but i did get a high enough score for 31B MP but im just deciding..? but would i be stationed? or should i join National Guard? i know they dont station

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    Army reserves do not have 11B. Army Reserves are Combat Support or Service and Support. The closest to 11B in the reserves may be MP. If you want 11B, go to the National Guard. In addition, some states offer way better educational benefits for their guard members (air and army). Some states pay 100% tuition for guard members. Not all do so you have to do your research before you sign anything. When you enlist in either the reserves or guard, you are assigned to a unit right away. Recruiters look for units that have openings before you sign a contract. When you sign your contract, you belong to that unit immediately. You are not deployable until your finish your initial training which includes basic combat training and advanced individual training (your job school). If you decide to do split option, you do bct one summer and your MOS the next. However, you cannot draw either a bonus or education benefits until you finish. If you are still in high school, you can join split option which means that you go to bct in between your junior and senior year of high school. You are still not deployable until your graduate from high school and finish your ait. If you fail to graduate from high school, you can be discharged for failure to get your civilian education. The Army reserves and guard are the only two branches that allow split option.

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    8 years ago

    The reserves work very much like the national guard. First you have to find a reserve unit that is near to where you live that has openings, then you pick from that list of MOSs. You may want to be 11B, but there may not be an infantry unit near where you live. The reserves have very few infantry units. The Reserves are for the most part support, and service and support units.

  • Go Guard. The Reserves are institutional training and medical units. Plus few and far between. Finding a close Guard unit will keep Drill commutes reasonable. Mo betta for guys that have been active than for a FNG these days.

    SSG US Army 73-82

    Acitve and Reserves...when they still had a mission.

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    Aside from Hawaii...there are NO 11Bs in the Reserve numbnuts...great research

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