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Do you need a touch screen PC to use windows 8 or can it work on a regular pc?

I've been thinking about upgrading my pc to windows 8,but it doesn't have a touch screen, and I've only seen pc's and tablets with tough screens use it. Would a regular pc work with this?

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    9 years ago
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    It's easy to get the impression that Windows 8 is built only for touch but I can guarantee that it works fine for keyboard and mouse.

    I do recommend using the new keyboard shortcuts though.

    Windows key (start screen)

    Windows + C (charms)

    Windows + Q (search - if on the start screen brings up all programs)

    Windows + W (search for settings and control panels)

    Windows + D (show desktop - oldie but a goodie)

    Windows + X (power user tools)

    Windows + Z (app bar - can get to all program when on start screen)

    The tiles interface you've been seeing is the new start menu and it runs full screen. On a desktop you'll use it as much as you use the start menu so it's not on the screen all the time. There's a regular desktop mode that most users will stay in.

    Windows 8 lets you use all the 3rd party software you're used to. It's only the Metro apps that must come from the Windows Store and be approved by Microsoft.

    - Dominic

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    9 years ago

    Windows 8 is designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard and a touchscreen, it will work on ur pc regardless of if you have a touch screen or not.

  • 9 years ago

    It works on a PC without touch; I installed the preview on my laptop. All your existing Windows apps will work exactly the same once you go back to the desktop mode. Windows 8 also includes a lot of touch-optimized apps and modes, but even those work without touch, just maybe not as smoothly and intuitively.

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah, it will work with a "regular" system. Some functions of it may feel a bit awkward with a mouse, but most of it should just feel like good old Windows 7.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, mouse and keyboard will do fine, but I would say you should stick with Windows 7. With Windows 8, if you download any third party software than you PC will be deemed "illegal" by Microsoft. Stick with Windows 7.

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