Is drawing with tablets hard?

Alright I am starting to draw and I am loving it. I am thinking I am going to get a tablet soon so i can make better drawings but I would think its extremly hard to draw on the tablet but only see it on the monitor. Is this true or is it pretty easy? Also are there any tablets where you see what you are drawing on the tablet with the stylus?


Also would you recomend a specific drawing tablet?

Update 2:

Also would you recomend a specific drawing tablet?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Drawing with a tablet can be tough at first. The "disconnect" with most tablets is the main issue/learning curve.

    There are some exercises you can do to make things move much faster, though.

    -Try tracing an image with your tablet. Just trace on a new layer in Photoshop (or whatever other program you decide to use). Something simple at first, then a bit more difficult.

    -Practice writing your name. If you can write your name in a straight line, even better.

    -Try to draw simple forms - boxes, spheres, cylinders, etc.

    As for tablet monitors (where you can draw directly on the screen) there are a few options - you can go with a Wacom Cintiq (very expensive for any model) or you can go with the more economical solutions. Here are some links to the Amazon marketplace.

    (10-inch screen, about $300)

    (19-inch screen, $500)

    These don't really compare to the Cintiq, but if you're on a budget then they are probably the best option.

    Still, I would recommend something a bit cheaper for somebody just starting to use tablets. The Wacom Bamboo line is relatively inexpensive and offers great performance. If I had to recommend a tablet I would go with any Bamboo.

    For more info on selecting the right tablet for you check out this link:

    Best of luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    All drawing tablets take some getting used to. Very different even from a pc mouse drawing. There are now touch tablets that you can see what you draw right on the tablet, but, the cheapest one I've seen is about $1,000 for a very small screen. Not really a good value yet. Maybe in a few years. You'd be better off to pick one that suits you from Wacom and spend anywhere from $70 to $200 for a good starter.

    Hope that helps!

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  • 7 years ago

    U get the hang of it in 30 minutes, I draw how I normally draw, it's just,when it comes to coloring that pains my... behind

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