WA state driver's license - renewal online?

My driver's license will expire in the next few months. I read DOL website, and it seems some people must visit their office to renew it. I'm 28, so I should be able to do it online, but not sure because I have a "C - Corrective lenses" restriction (I have a clean driving record, so no other exams should be required). Will I have to take a vision screening again at the office? Is there anyone who also has the C restriction but successfully renewed the license online recently? Thank you for sharing your stories.

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    There shouldn't be a problem renewing online. I'm in Texas and have that restriction and I always renew online. Give it a try and see. You should be able to renew it now if yours expires in a few months.

  • 4 years ago

    relies upon on the interior of sight state regulations. some states do no longer require the motor vehicle and motive force's license tournament. whilst others will cite you in the event that they discover out you have resided interior the state for greater beneficial than 30 days without changing registration. human beings interior the defense force are a typical exception as they haven't any administration over the place they're stationed and registering autos and getting a sparkling motive force's license is an pointless worry for fairly common relocations no longer of their own choosing. coverage firms do no longer care approximately license and registration. They insure the motor vehicle and motive force and the legality of the registration is as much as you and the state. i'm no longer advocating this, yet I stay in Washington State, close to the Puget Sound Naval Base and Shipyard. I left the army years in the past. I actually have a pal, who like me, retired right here. He got here from CA and nevertheless has a motor vehicle registered there. this is been over 10 years via fact that he left the provider, and nevertheless one in each of his 2 autos is registered out of state. He says he has been asked approximately this at times, and easily defined his relatives lives in CA and different the time his vehicle is there, no longer right here, getting used by using his relatives. He seems to be getting away with it. the challenge is, maximum states merely won't spend the attempt and time to seek for this way of infraction. The registration value is a drop interior the bucket whilst in comparison with the different money you spend on a daily basis to force, that's right here the place you reside.

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