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Natural makeup routine for 16 year old (junior)?

My sister is 16 and she was wondering? Give a detailed routine of it. Thanks in advanced!

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    By natural, do you mean natural mineral makeup, or a natural look? I'll answer both...

    Neutrogena and Physicians Formula make good mineral make up. If you have the budget, go ahead and try Jane Iredale, or buy a deal for natural makeup on sites like Groupon, KBG, etc.

    And since your sister is 16, she SHOULD only be asking about 'natural' makeup! : )

    1. Good moisturizer (even if your skin is oily; buy an oil free one. Cerave just came out with one)

    2. Face powder (I like to use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers)

    3. Mascara (lots of it!)

    4. Sheer pink gloss

    If she wants a little extra, sheer white/light pink/lavender/light blue eyeshadow all over her eyes, brown eyeliner, blush and/or bronzer if she's pale. Look up YouTube videos of good makeup artists to show you how to apply it.

    Hope this helps. : )

    Source(s): Just being a beauty junkie, constantly reading beauty articles, and what I use myself.
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    First: do NOT coat your face with makeup. This could cause bad skin.

    I am 16 and I like to use BB cream (yes, on all the commercials) because it is very light and is actually a sunblock. Put this on all over your face and put it on first. Then apply some chapstick to the lips to make them soft. If you want eye makeup, try using a primer (makes the makeup stay longer) before you put it on. If you don't have any, that's ok. For eyeshadow, use a color that is not too bright and only put it on the eyelid. If you want to add some definition, use brown eyeliner (not black). Use just a little bit of brown mascara. If you have never used mascara, be ready to wipe off eccess with a q-tip. Finally, if you want to add some color to your lips you can use a tinted chapstick or a light lipgloss. Good luck!

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    Well in my opinion I think she should keep it simple, especially if she is just starting to wear some. I'd say some powder base, a little top eye liner with a light eye shadow. Nothing over the top considering she is still kind of young. As she gets more experienced with it she could use foundation too and more eye liner along with some mascara and such.

    You don't want to start off looking like a clown because you don't really know what you're doing. And personally I think young girls who wear a lot of make up look silly.

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    It all depends on her skin tone, eye color, hair color, best feature. She has to find her best feature. For me (blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin tone) its my eyes since they're the first thing a person notices about me. So I just put powder on to even my skin tone, no liquid foundation. I put a nude color on my lips or a pink few shades lighter than my lips. Then for my eyes I apply eye liner on my lower lid above the eyelash. Ocassionally I put a bit of eyeliner on my top lip above the eye lash. I always use black. And I put on mascara. If its not over done it gives a natural look. But too much eyeliner messes it up. Look up YouTube videos search "natural looks for girls with ________" you could write blue eyes, dark skin, red hair, ect

    Source(s): 16 and a junior :)
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    hey! i'm 14 and that i placed on little makeup yet i appreciate the organic seem, too. it truly is what I placed on... - neutrogena undereye concealer. i'm getting darkish circles less than my eyes notably genuinely and this has tremendous coverage, seems organic, and lasts all day - neutrogena powder taking off position. it in basic terms takes fairly, yet this taking off position quite evens your pores and skin tone and makes your face seem brighter! once you're going to placed makeup on your pores and skin, neutrogena is locate out a thanks to pass. that is tremendous healthful and gentle, and also you may continuously locate it at cvs or objective. no longer too extreme priced both! - fairly of revlon colorstay eyeliner in a depressing brown colour, in basic terms fairly on the decrease lash line. this quite makes your eyes pop with out even utilising plenty, and the brown shade is plenty softer and bigger clearly notably than a black colour. the formula is tremendous, is going on good and continues to be on all day - covergirl lashblast mascara. genuinely no longer nescessary for a organic seem, yet a voluminizing mascara like this can be a very clean end to a seem. the most acceptable element about all of those products is they're tremendous high quality, yet you could st them at maximum any drugstore, walmart, or objective! in case you opt for to placed on a blush, I advise something by technique of neutrogena or physicians formula in a mild, notably purple colour. sturdy success!!

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    Have her watch this video by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge on "No Make-up'Makeup". It will give a really thorough understanding on how to use makeup for an ultra natural look.

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    i use dinair airbrush makeup and they let me email in my picture and then they just told me which of their shades to get...its really natural looking and its also all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...i hope i helepd in some way =)

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