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Honestly, I am so frustrated with this. I have an orthodontist appointment in two days, and I need to get TWO teeth out by then. One is completely behind my other tooth, and it is a canine. The other is a molar, and it is ON ITS SIDE beside the adult tooth.

No matter what I do, neither of these teeth will come out. I'm litterally almost crying because if I don't get them out, I won't be able to get more braces on (and I really want to get them on sooner so I can get them off faster, because I HATE THEM).

I've tried to tie tooth floss underneath the canine tooth and yank, but I can't do it. I've pulled down as HARD AS I CAN on it, and it still won't come out. The tooth that's on its side hurts like a *****, and I've been trying to get it out forever.

By the way, I'm fifteen. I've had enough with this crap.

How can I get them out before Monday? I will seriously be in debt to the person who actually helps me.

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    Try chewing toffee it always works

    Good luck :)

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  • 3 years ago

    do no longer save messing with it, in case you do pull it out and you have a hanging completely uncovered nerve you would be in a heap of hassle soreness sensible! The soreness you're experiencing now will finally end up double. is that this somewhat one the enamel? additionally, it ought to nonetheless be held in with the aid of a curved or hooked root that's anchoring it in. call for an emergency dental apointment, in my opinion, evidently like the the enamel ought to could desire to be got rid of somewhat than taken care of if its actually dangling. appropriate of success to you. Oh, dont hassle going to the emergency room, they are going to do no longer something for you different than enable you to recognize to confirm a dentist...and at appropriate supply you some vicodin or at worst enable you to recognize to take 4 advil at a time, that's a shaggy dog wont artwork.

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  • 7 years ago

    My loose tooth came out when it came in contact with ice cream. It literally held onto the tooth!

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  • 7 years ago

    Try eating an apple and chew on the loose teeth. I hope that will help.

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