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幫我翻譯成中文 不要google

The Board Game You'll Never Get Bored of

In the past 100 years, Monopoly has become one of the most famous board games in the world.THE ideas of becoming a wealthy person, buying up real estate. and putting your friends in the poorhouse seems to appeal to everyone. But few people know that the story behind Monopoly is similar to the mad scramble for cash in the game.

It began in 1904, when a Quaker woman named Lizzie Magie created The Landlord's Game. Magie wasn't interested in making money. She wanted to show how apartment owners made money by taking advantage of the poor. Since many people found economics boring, she turned it into a board game.

The game became an underground hit. When Charles Darrow first played it in 1993, he saw dollar signs. Darrw began making his owm copies and calimed that he had invented Monopoly. But with little money to his unable to produce it on a large scale. So, he sold the rights to Parker Bothers. The company began buying up patents and old copies of the board game to protect its investment. Since 1953, Parker Bother has sold nearly 500 million copies of Monopoly worldwide.

Now, it's reported that Monopoly is moving from the board to the big screen. Plans are underway to turn the game into a movie . The film will use Monopoly as a way of explaining economic problems to everyday people. Like passing "GO," it appears the history of Monopoly has come full circle.

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    你將永遠不會厭倦的棋盤遊戲在過去 100 年,壟斷已成為世界最著名的棋類遊戲之一。成為一個富有的人,購買房地產的想法。把你的朋友在濟貧似乎向每個人提出上訴。但很少人知道壟斷背後的故事是類似于在遊戲中現金的瘋狂爭奪。它始于 1904 年,貴格會的一位名叫麗茲在創建房東遊戲時。在公司賺錢不感興趣。她想要顯示的公寓業主通過利用窮人所作的錢。因為很多人發現的經濟學無聊,她打開到棋盤遊戲。該遊戲成為地下命中。查理斯 · 摟住首先發揮它在 1993 年,當他看到貨幣符號。Darrw 開始使他自身拷貝和 calimed 他發明了壟斷。但有一點錢給他無法產生規模大。所以,他賣給了派克困擾。該公司開始購買專利和棋盤遊戲,以保護其投資的舊副本。自 1953 年,派克打擾已經售出近 5 億份壟斷的世界各地。現在,據壟斷正從董事會到大螢幕上。正在計畫將遊戲變成一部電影。這部電影將利用壟斷地位,作為向平凡的人們解釋經濟問題的一種方式。像傳遞"去",它出現壟斷的歷史又繞了回來。知道了嗎!!!

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