Why do Republicans think they can fix a mess they created?

Obama was handed the worst economic global crisis since 1929. He was handed a sinking boat and is now being blamed for the economic disaster. In 1929 it took decades for the US to recover. What do the Republicans think they can do to fix a mess they helped create?

Let me guess Republicans will now call me a name or post some useless irrelevant post or write Romney 2012.


@Jarrod, really? you think he was handed a worse condition than the 2008 housing crisis? I don't think so dude. I happen to study this stuff so save it for idiots that will believe you.

Update 2:

@todd, wrong... it goes farther back - Republicans are always oblivious about the economy and create more debt. Democrats always try to cut it down (I know Obama didn't because he was given the black death of a market and had to bail out and increase the debt ceiling to keep the government from crashing). The debt is because of the Republicans - particularly starting with Reagan.

see link bitchgirl


Update 3:

@100%, you just ignored a ton of facts... obviously I've already stated why Obama looks bad - anyone would that were handed this mess - what would you have done? What would Republicans have done after the global crash? Bush handed Obama a huge mess and he knows it - that's why Bush stays out of the media.

Update 4:

@Dan, see the zfacts link.. Republicans did the damage to the economy.

Update 5:

@Dan, I like how you can't give an answer as to what you would do as a Republican. Hey I don't care what the party label is - if you can prove me wrong (you can't) I'll fight for your side. Anyway Obama will man up he is going to get 4 more and rightfully so.

Update 6:

@Frog, so why won't you answer the question? What would Republicans do differently - they would have had to raise the debt ceiling as well and do bailouts.. there was no avoiding that and it's not like the economy would recover after the crash of 2008. I guess you don't know much about economic history or the scale of the economic disaster which was global and still Europe has not really recovered. If you think this is just the US you obviously don't read the economic news much - i do everyday and everyday there's a problem in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal or Ireland. It's not just the US - Obama isn't god - nobody could have stopped it from happening. Your strategy would have been strict austerity most likely and you would have riots in the streets like none you have ever seen. I don't know why your just trying to look for bad in Obama / democratic party - Your party did a lot of damage and you won't admit to those responsibilities.

Update 7:

@Cody, you don't understand how growth or prosperity works do you? For there to be growth there has to be an excess of something. When there's an excess of something and people are given that excess there's prosperity. Cutting taxes for the rich is not going to make growth or prosperity it just makes the rich elitist more rich and more powerful.

Update 8:

@Cody, it did see the DEBT-TO-GDP ration through presidency in the zfacts chart. You think I posted the link for nothing - have a look. There's literature under the graph - read it - your question was already answered. I have yet to here want any of you would have done to stop the financial collapse - is that is cut taxes for the rich? lol epic fail.

Update 9:

@Cody, see the DEBT-TO-GDP ratio through presidency in the zfacts chart. You think I posted the link for nothing - have a look. There's literature under the graph - read it - your question was already answered. I have yet to here want any of you would have done to stop the financial collapse - is that it cut taxes for the rich? lol epic fail.

Update 10:

@Pat, thanks (it's ok though I can take it, I'm a good arguer even against death ears I can still work their minds) they don't respond to criticism - that's why I'm not a Republican any more. I'm still registered as a Republican lol but I'm not going back and I didn't vote fore 1 single Republican this election. Unfortunately the Republicans think the rich are the answer to everything and education doesn't matter. It has been proven through GI bills for example, that the amount spent on educating is paid back to society 7 fold. An uneducated society is a dead one. Republicans have short-sighted philosophies that work in the short-run but the long run is something they don't consider.

Update 11:

@JoeBama, you don't understand how the economy works either? Unemployment shot up because of the housing crisis, and for one, all the jobs in construction were all lost. Houses are big ticket items so when the housing goes so does all the other industries below it such as consumer goods - everyone is going to lose their jobs. Many people lost their house, had to move back with relatives, or they were out on the street. Just who long do you think it should take - overnight? No it take time after such a crash. I fail to see how Obama is responsible for all that - and it's easy to post how low unemployment was before a crash / at the top of a housing bubble - just how long (in reference to the housing boom) did you think it would last anyway?

Update 12:

@JoeBama, no matter who is in power is facing compounding debt (the debt turned the corner before Obama got in) - nothing can be done about the debt at this point. Please watch this 19 economic videos:


Youtube thumbnail


I know that's a lot of educating for a Republican lol but if you will please educate yourself on this topic before pointing fingers.

Stop blaming Obama for something he was not responsible for.

Update 13:

@JoeBama, you do realize there was a major collapse and the government was inches from being shut down in 2011? The debts were necessary.. What is your response to the zfacts link and so called "conservative" policies that drove up the debt? The Republican party is very responsible for a large portion of the debt - in fact a good majority of it as the chart shows each presidents performance in terms of debt-to-gdp. Until you republican's take responsibility for your irresponsible policies I will not fault the more responsible democrats.

Update 14:

@JoeBama, the gas prices are high because the dollar is being devalued by the FED to stimulate the economy because of the 2008 housing crash / greatest economic crash since 1929. Other commodities are going up as well (compare the price of gold for example both going up in tandem) - it has nothing to do with drilling for oil - no amount of drilling will stop the dollar from being devalued and the price for fuel will remain high until the dollar strengthens..

You won't win this argument. I know what I'm talking about.

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    Sorry, you got the answers you got. I don't know who "right stuff" is, but he needs a valium or something. I agree with you. We have a heck of a mess. We were in such a free fall of economic failure. I think we have done fairly well. We have shown 2% economic growth per year (not great, but consistant),homes have been saved from foreclosure by the new bank regulations (mine was saved!!!) , student loans were revised so the 47% of the population could qualify....and my son did a grant which now means he can be one of those people who can graduate from college and get one of those jobs that require STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,ENGINEERING AND MATH) . These are the skills that industries need . Without them they will be outsourced to other countries, because our educational system has been stripped dry. It is also why Mr. Romney has sent his products from his company, Bain to China, because is was cheaper. Maybe we should have invested in the education of our children, Mr. Romney, do you have a response to that?

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    First of all, how do you figure the problem started with Reagan? Reaganomics served the country very well, and democrat bill Clinton recognized this, didn't mess with it, and that's why the economy was in such great shape while he was in office. The normal explanation for how bush ruined the economy is his tax cuts. If you truly do study this stuff I assume you know obama renewed those tax cuts all 4 years. So now the question has become, how do you think the democrats are going to fix the problem? Since he's doing the same things the republican did.

  • 8 years ago

    No, Carter handed Reagan the worst disaster since 1929!

    There were some problems when Obama took office, but consider the following:

    1. The worst economic months under Bush were the last two years and only occurred after the Democrats gained control of BOTH the House and the Senate.

    2. Under Bush, the average unemployment rate was 5.27%. After Obama took office, the unemployment rate shot up to between 9 and 10% where it remained for about two years. During that time, both houses of Congress were still under the control of the Democrats.

    3. The best unemployment numbers under Obama did not occur until the Republican regained control of the House of Representatives.

    Bush's worst numbers = Democrats control Congress

    Obama's worst numbers = Democrats control Congress

    Obama's best numbers = Republican House.

    Obama's Best numbers = worse than Bush's worst numbers.

    4. Obama's numbers would have been much higher, but they stopped counting millions of workers that gave up and simply stopped looking for a job! They admitted so in a press conference today. The unemployment number released today was UP. The Democrats said that is only because some who had given up the search re-entered the job market.

    5. You were speaking of debt. Obama promised to cut Bush's deficit (that he called "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic") in HALF! His 2012 deficit was 500% higher than he promised by the end of his first term in office! In fact, any ONE year of Obama's deficit was MORE than the last FOUR YEARS under Bush COMBINED!

    6. Gas prices 4 years ago were half of what they are now. What did Obama do? Cut production on Federal Lands. Stopped the Keystone Pipeline. Increased regulations. Abandoned Iraq without a presence to help maintain peace and security and allowed Iran to develop nukes; creating unrest in the middle east. All of this drove gas prices higher!

    PLEASE, Please, please watch this video!


    *** Edit ***

    So you ADMIT that the housing crisis caused the problems we have now? Clearly, the Democrats caused the housing crisis!


    Youtube thumbnail

    Through legislation, Bill Clinton empowered Fannie Mae to issue massive amount of subprime mortgages. Banks were also required to issue these loans, or face heavy penalties. Fannie Mae was out of control. The Community Reinvestment Act led to massive bank failings and the colapse of the housing market!

    In 2003, the Bush administration proposed an overhaul of the housing finance industry. The New York Times reported in September of that year, "The Bush administration today recommended the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago." They proposed more supervision for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    The Democrats blocked any reform or oversight to these agencies!

    Over the next few years, other Republicans called for looking into the practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but time after time the Democrats blocked it!

    If you blame the housing crisis on the Republicans, you simply don't know what you are talking about!

  • 8 years ago

    It's simple, republicans believed it was all Obama's fault. God forbid they look back and see what kind of hell Bush put us in. You can't just snap your fingers and go ok all better. The economy is back to what it was during Clinton. Oh wait, Clinton was a democrat too wasn't he? Hmm, shouldn't that tell us something? Let's keep republicans out of office because all they do is **** the middle class (me and my family and pretty much everyone I know) and favor the wealthy. Because hey wealth trickles down doesn't it? You just keep telling yourself that republicans, maybe someone will start to believe you. Can't wait for another 4 years of Obama where the majority of America will benefit.

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    Where is FEMA and the disaster relief? Where the heck is Barack Obama? After a quick photo opportunity, he's off to Las Vegas and then the swing States as if nothing is happening... just like he did when his ambassador laid dead in Benghazi, Libya. He has been missing in action for 4 years.

    Unemployment is higher today than when he took office. We are trillions in debt. His campaign promises have not been met, thus he is running the nastiest smear campaign I have seen in decades. He said he cannot change Washington from inside, and I agree! That is why we need to vote him out on Nov 6th.

    "If someone isn't doing a good job, it's okay to fire them." - Clint Eastwood speaking of Barack Obama

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    8 years ago

    Obama has make things worse - MUCH WORSE! All the meaningful economic stats have been continually going south!

    Mitt will NOT be "experimenting," he knows what needs to be done - and will do it! Mitt will make an excellent president! He has the skills and the experience needed for this job! He has kept the "high road" during the campaign which shows his "character!" The Benghazi tragedy would NOT have happened under a Romney watch!

    Another Ohioan voting for Mitt!

    Source(s): Reality - Awareness of!
  • 8 years ago

    Straight from the horse's mouth (literally) “I have to say, the administration, the president, himself and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate have been outstanding with us so far,” said Governor Christie. “We have a great partnership with them.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is one of Mitt Romney’s biggest supporters and was one of his finalists as a Vice Presidential pick.

    I'd bet anything that Chris Christie will go into his voting place and check "Obama" for President. (it's ok Chris, we won't tell)

  • 8 years ago

    If your going to make stupid comments and pose them in a question then you deserve what you get.

    Poor Obama, he was handed so much much... Give me a break! This has been a Dem economy for 6 years.. Man up and own it.

  • 8 years ago

    They pray to Fox News for guidance

  • 8 years ago

    Most Presidents are controlled by special interest groups.

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