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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

What would you name 8 kids using....?

Hey guys! What would you name 8 kids using these names?

FN (Starting with J): Jennifer, Jessica, Jane, Jade, Julianna/anne, Josephine, Jodie

MN (Seasons and Months): Summer, WInter, Autumn, June, May, April, November, July

FN (Plants):Daisy, Bluebell, Lily, Lilac, Rose, Holly, Marigold, Dahlia, Bryony, Ivy, Fern, Calla, Azalea

MN (Starting with K): Katherine, Katie, Kim, Kaylee, Kayla, Kelsey, Kennedy, Katelyn, Kendall, Kiera

FN (Starting with T): Theodore, Thomas, Trent, Toby, Tobias, Tanner, Tyrus, Timothy

MN (Places): Boston, Carson, Denver, Jericho, Memphis, Laurence, Troy, Santiago, Dallas, Phoenix

FN (70s Rock Stars): John, Stevie, Led, Paul, James, Elton, Bob, Neil, Billy

MN (Starting with B): Brad, Bradley, Benjamin, Bob, Brian, Bentley, Blair, Benedict, Brendan, Brennan

FN (Starting with A): Adrianna, Alexandra, Alexis, Allie, ALyson, Amanda, Ashley, Addison, Audrey, Ava, Anna/ne, Anya, Aria, Ariana, Alyssa, Anita, Arabella

MN (Stones): Amber, Coral, Crystal, Diamond, Ebony, Emerald, Gemma, Goldie, Jade, Jewel, Micah, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Topaz

FN ( Top 10 of 2012): Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Mia, Chloe

MN (Uncommon names of 2012): Amity, Monet, Jamima, Calypso, Cheryl, Aisling, Jessamine, Linnea, Ophelia, Rosalie, Theodora, Zinnia, Georgina, Constance, Cordelia, Anneliese

FN (Unisex names - You pick gender): Jordan, Morgan, Avery, Logan, Cameron, Dakota, Alex, Riley, Jayden, Shawn, Reese, Casey, Kennedy, Bailey, Sydney, Kendall, Cassidy, Taylor

MN (My favs): Charlotte, Cassandra, Aria, Katherine, Allie, Michelle, Natalie, Mia, Alexandra, Jane, Theodore, Sebastian, Will, James, Levi, Leo, Nathan, Benjamin, Daniel

FN( You pick!)

MN (You pick!)

BQ: What do you think of the name Adrianna Katelyn?

BQ2: What do you think of the name Levi James? Other middle name suggestions for Levi?

Thanks guys!

53 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    ~ Jade Autumn

    ~ Lily Kendall "Lil"

    ~ Theodore Carson "Theo"

    ~ James Bentley "Jamie"

    ~ Addison Jade "Addie"

    ~ Isabella Rosalie "Bella"

    ~ Avery Charlotte "Avey"

    ~ Sebastian Beau

    BQ: I LOVE the name Adrianna. Katelyn is a bit generic and too traditional for my taste, but as a middle name, it flows wonderfully with Adrianna. Overall, 9/10.

    BQ2: LOVE IT! Levi is an adorable name and James is absolutely perfect with it. Other names:

    Levi Zane

    Levi Austin

    Levi Nathan

    Levi Arthur

    Levi Declan

    Levi Beau

    Levi Max

    Levi Jasper

    Levi Finn

    Levi Gabriel

    Levi Jude

    Levi Mason

    Levi Oliver

    Levi Elliott

    Levi Ashton

    Levi Dash

    Levi Beck

    Levi Ezra

    Levi Damien

    Levi Zachary

    Levi Caspar

    Levi Griffin

  • Jacqui
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    9 years ago

    Jade Summer

    Lilac Katie

    Theodore Carson

    James Benjamin

    Ava Ebony

    Chloe Rosalie

    Cameron Daniel

  • 9 years ago

    Josephine May

    Rose Katherine

    Theodore Laurence

    James Benjamin

    Alexandra Ruby

    Olivia Jamima

    Kendall Natalie

    Talia Elizabeth

  • Jessica Winter

    Dahlia Katherine

    Tobias Jericho

    John Benjamin

    Audrey Pearl

    Chloe Anneliese

    Logan Theodore

    Ethan Henry

    BQ: What do you think of the name Adrianna Katelyn?

    Like it. It has a good flow, but neither is my favorite (although I do really love the names Adriana and Katherine).

    BQ2: What do you think of the name Levi James? Other middle name suggestions for Levi?

    Adorable! Both are wonderful names. Although it is common, James is a great middle name.

    Other suggestions: Levi Shane, Levi Thomas, Levi Sebastian, Levi Nathan, or Levi Preston

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  • 9 years ago

    Jessica Winter

    Ivy Katherine

    Trent Jericho

    James Benjamin

    Anya Ruby

    Chloe Anneliese

    Morgan Natalie (girl)

  • 9 years ago

    Julianne May

    Dahlia Katherine

    Tyrus Carson

    Neil Benjamin

    Ava Jade

    Abigail Zinnia

    Riley James

    Julian Lennox

    BQ: beautiful

    BQ2: Levi Joseph

  • 9 years ago

    Jessica April

    Bryony Katherine

    Tobias Phoenix

    James Brennan

    Ava Ruby

    Emma Rosalie

    Riley Nathan

  • Dani
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Jade April

    Ivy Kaitlyn

    Tobias Phoenix

    James Benjamin

    Aria Ruby

    Sophia Rosalie

    Logan Sebastian

    Elijah Paul


  • 9 years ago

    Jennifer May

    Dahlia Kathryn

    Trent Memphis

    John Bentley

    Alexandra Pearl

    Isabella Constance

    Taylor Sebastian

    Florabella Ann

  • ddok
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Jade Summer

    Bryony Kendall

    Tobias Troy

    John Brendan

    Addison Gemma

    Olivia Monet

    Avery Sebastian

    Amari Nakelle


    Levi Sebastian, Peyton, Luke

  • Leah
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Jessica May

    Rose Katelyn

    Thomas Carson

    James Benjamin

    Arabella Jade

    Sophia Aisling

    Riley Daniel

    Amelia Lilly

    BQ: It's nice(:

    BQ2: Levi is okay, I love James. Levi Thomas, Levi Benjamin, Levi Darren

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