How does Walmart decide which of it's stores will sell guns?

I know that Walmart sells guns at selected stores, I live in Northern WI. (Minocqua) and our local store does not carry guns.

Why wouldn't they? this is a tourist area that makes it's lively hood off of hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, etc..

How is that decision made?

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    8 years ago
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    I have been with Mr. Walton in hunting camps before. Always got such a kick out of the way he expressed himself. R.I.P. Sam, it was great talking with you. He always said "Firearms will always be sold at Wal Mart". Quoted loosely as I remember it.

    That being said local laws prevail, BUT as much as anything THE CUSTOMER BASE decides, and carries the most weight in this decision.

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    Some humans are idiots. Gun makers don't make inferior guns to promote to Walmart. Walmart buys in enormous quantities to maintain the sale costs low. Also they DO offer the backside of the line units (on some weapons) but these same backside of the line items are also still available on the gun stores too. I've purchased many lengthy guns type Walmart over the final 25 years and all had been quality. I've saved some huge cash with these purchases evaluating the rate to the neighborhood gun store. Correct now in these days, Walmart has the 12ga Remington 870 super magazine (3.5" chamber) with the Mossy alrightfinish for $367. The local gun store has the targeted gun 'on sale' for $479. The place would you purchase it? $112 change, think about that. The other thing I get in poor health of listening to is the truth that people continually refer to ammo purchased at Walmart as "inexpensive walmart ammo" as if it can be a minimize satisfactory ammo. Winchester is Winchester irrespective of where you get it. Identical with Federal champion, Remington, Tul Ammo, Perfecta, and anything else they promote. You'll hear folks speak about issues with their weapons after which attribute these issues to the truth that the ammo was from Walmart. I've heard 'Walmart white field', ' Wal-Ammo', 'Federal-mart'. Did I point out persons are idiots?

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    Ultimately, I suspect it comes down to a marketing analysis to determine whether it will be profitable. My dad lives in Columbia, MO (home of the Walton family). There are two Walmarts. One sells guns and the other doesn't. The only thing I can figure is one is by a major highway and the other is in a more suburban area.

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    8 years ago

    It's probably a combination of local law, customer demand, and other things.

    I've heard that some of the Wal-Marts around where I live actually LOST their FFL licenses due to improper employee conduct, but that's just rumor. It's a possibility, though.

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    Local gun laws, and if customers actually want it.

    Being a tourist destination would NOT make it a good location for gun sales. Remember, to purchase the firearms, the customer would have to be a resident of the state (with most states gun laws). So it does them no good carrying firearms there. Gun rentals probably work out better.

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    I've noticed it has to do with crime rate. My walmart in the ghetto does not sale guns. But my other walmart in a good area sells AR-15's.

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    8 years ago

    It depends upon the city and county laws and local demand. Also the ability to hire qualified employees to handle all the gobberment paperwork.

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    8 years ago

    Obviously their studies of the area show that they would not sell enough firearms to make enough money to make any profit on the sales.

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