why don't woman understand?

why do feminists hate men?and why do they try to drag other women into their cause?. after forty + years, it's obvious that it'sa loss cause. it's ruined the family unit.. the repercussions range from drug abuse, teen suiside, to mass murder.. it takes a traditional family [husband and wife] to raise kids... society has realized that for thousands of years., but feminists seem to have there own selfish agenda. how deep should we bury them?

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  • 8 years ago

    There is so much wrong with what you just said. First of all, feminists don't hate men at all. You may be confusing 'feminism' with a sexist woman who simply claims to be a feminist but is really just a sexist *****. Feminists are people who believe in equal rights for men and women. Yes I am a feminist. Do I hate men? No. And also, feminism has nothing to do with same sex parenting. It's hard to tell what you're saying due to your awful grammer and spelling, but it seems you are insinuating that same sex couples, single parents, grandparents, etc. cannot raise kids, which is totally false. How a child is raised depends on the individuals raising them, it has nothing to do with having a 'traditional' family. Its important for a child to have positive role models from both genders in their lives but there is too much emphasis on these people being specifically a mother and a father. People like you are ignorant. You can't make judgements about the rest of the world based on your own negative experiences. Its closed minded and you're only hurting others by being so rude and ignorant. Feminists are not sexist, and kids should be raised with tolerence, understanding, love and the ability to view the world with an open mind.

  • Teresa
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    I notice sometimes when I walk to class or elsewhere I will see a woman I know and they look away, like they didn't even see you. I'm sure this isn't just a woman thing but I thought it was an interesting observation. I don't smell, btw. People are so non confrontational. They'd probably rather be miserable and uninterested then walk around smiling or looking somewhat happy. It's amazing what a smile can do seriously, walk around smiling once. Not ear to ear you will look crazy, but just look like you are happy and outgoing. People will respond so much better to you. Even if you don't say anything.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You're wrong to assume that all feminists hate men. I'm a feminist and I don't hate men. In fact, I have some male friends.

    Everything else you've typed is just utterly ridiculous. There are a lot of teens that have done drugs and killed themselves, even though they have a perfectly normal "family unit" as you call it (two parents, the father works, the mother stays home, as I assume you mean).

    All in all, you're either trolling or you're very uneducated.

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