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Does Pell grant come before Tap grant in New York?

Hi, I'm freaking out a little bit here, but I think this might be normal. My question is, does the Pell grant come to the school (community college) before the Tap grant? I want to say it does, because the first year I was at this school, I recieved a smaller refund which seemed to be leftover Pell money and then got the rest which seemed to be from Tap. I am just wondering if anyone knows how this works and if this is possible. My school didn't have internet finances before and I have been keeping track of it regularly as midterms have past and I am in desperate need of my refunds to get back and forth to school the rest of the semester. I have already borrowed money for books that the college didn't have, gas, living expenses etc. It says I have a $300 refund coming. That will not even cover half of my expenses so I am very nervous. So please, if ANYONE can give me a little bit of advice/help here, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

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    There are 2 different government agencies involved regarding your question.

    The Pell Grant funds, if your school determined you are eligible for Pell Grant money, comes from the US Dept. of Education - the Federal government. The TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) funds come from the state of New York Higher Education Services Corporation, a state government agency.

    Before being able to be considered for TAP funds, you must have filed your FAFSA. This is the link to more information about TAP:


    You will see a link in the left side bar on that web page for the TAP Processing Schedule.

    It looks like TAP funds may be processed and dispersed after US Dept. of Education funds (Pell Grant and any Federal student loans.)

    You can obtain more clarification by asking your questions of a financial aid adviser at your school.

    Unsolicited advice:

    If you are in need of some short-term funds, your school may have a program for proving students with small, short-term loans. Even though such a service may not be handled by the school Financial Aid Office, the FA advisers can probably direct you to the right school department.

    If you currently do not have a paying part-time job (which it seems like you may need), ask about any on-campus, student-only jobs at the school FA Office. On-campus, student-only jobs are not glamorous and usually pay only minimum wage or just a bit higher. The positives: They are just for enrolled students at the school; Work schedules are set around student class times; Travel to/from work/class is easy. Often the on-campus departments needing the largest number of student workers are food service and the library. I recommend the library. :-)

    Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!

    Find your local Public Library at:


    Find your College/University Library at:


    Best wishes

    Source(s): Former college administrator (dean level) + Reference/information librarian (retired)
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    Above post is right. You must have made more money in 2012 and are no longer eligible for Pell. Also correct that this question is for the Financial Aid office at your school. They can help you figure this out and make sure the FAFSA was filled out correctly. Also, some grant money is first-come, first-served and you may have missed that.

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