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不能換其他的 只能這個 不好意思了!

我聽力不好 所以麻煩幫忙我一下^^"


主要報告是要報告"剪紙藝術大師"= =~

要我們報告的是英文老師 他就說 順便也把聽到的寫下來

我聽力不好 就ˋ在這裡求協助了!

我也想說 這報告真的很不尋常:o

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  • 8 years ago
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    Long ago, in a little hut near the forest lived Hansel and Gretel with their mother and father. Each day they played happily in the garden, but this day, they wanted to go and play in the fields outside. Mother was worried, but at last she agreed. She said they could go to the fields, but warned them that they must not go too far, or they might get lost.

    They were so happy in the fields with the birds, and the flowers, and the butterflies. They quite forgot their mother's warning.

    "What was that?"

    It was a squirrel. And he ran off into the forest, and Hansel followed the squirrel, and Gretel followed Hansel.

    They were lost, deep in the forest. And then suddenly they saw....... a wonderful little house. The walls were made of gingerbread, and the windows were made of sugar, and the roof was made of marzipan cakes.

    The gate opened by itself, and the children went in. Hansel tasted it, and liked it, and started to eat. And Gretel tasted it and liked it.

    "Nibble, nibble, little mouse.

    Who is nibbling up my house?"

    "Oh, you dear children, who has brought you here? Will you stay with me?"

    "Oh, please do stay with me. Look what I've got for you. "

    "Now you'll stay with me. Your feet can't move, and your eyes can't see. And now you'll have to stay with me. Hehe, Hahaha...."

    The wicked witch mounted on her bloom stick, and flew away deep into the forest.

    Their poor mother and father could not have imagined what had happened to Hansel and Gretel. And although their father searched and searched, he could find no trace of them. Father told mother not to cry. Tomorrow he would search again.

    "Come, Gretel, you must work for me."

    This was Hansel's chance, and he quietly crawled away from the witch.

    "Let go mouse who crawls away,

    Come you've got with me to stay."

    Sending Gretel off to work, the wicked witch put Hansel into a cage with a goose that she was fattening up for her Sunday dinner.

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    "What was that?" The squirrel again. Gretel wept bitterly and told the squirrel that it was all his fault that they had got lost in the forest, and had been caught by the witch. The squirrel was sorry and said that he would do all he could to try to help them to escape.

    2012-11-03 04:00:41 補充:

    Hansel cried and cried to get out, but he could do nothing against the magic of the witch's stick.

    "Why are you standing there? Lazy idle, lazy girl. On with your work now! On with your work!"

    2012-11-03 04:01:18 補充:

    "Now we'll fight for.... the witch's stick......... Let me out, and out I'll help."

    "Scrub it out and make it white,

    but first my bloom stick candle bright."

    "Wicked bird, wicked goose,

    what (??? I do thing) have turned you loose?"

    2012-11-03 04:01:40 補充:

    Gretel quickly snatched up the witch's stick. They had won. The witch was in their power. Then she broke the stick. And the witch's magic was broken. And the witch broke into tiny pieces.

    2012-11-03 04:02:00 補充:

    And the gingerbread house faded away. And Hensel and Gretel and the goose were free. They were so excited, but they still didn't know their way home. The goose didn't know, either, but the squirrel said he would lead them through the forest.

    2012-11-03 04:02:20 補充:

    The goose couldn't keep up with them, and wanted to stay behind. But Gretel said he must come with them, and the little deer, too.

    2012-11-03 04:02:37 補充:

    Their parents could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Hensel and Gretel running towards them with the goose, the squirrel and the little deer. Their parents were all the joy to see them again, and welcomed the goose, and the squirrel. And they all lived with them there in the hut ever after.

    2012-11-03 04:09:29 補充:

    看你問得很客氣,所以幫你一下。順便問一下,你是學生? 哪門課要你們做報告?做什麼樣的報告? 關於故事的,作者? 還是英文聽力內容? 很好奇。 因為找 1955 年的卡通做報告很不尋常。 就算是英語,六十年前給小孩看的東西用字用語和現在還是會有不同的。

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