Jung Jessica or Kim HyunA......?

Jessica noona<3333

BQ: Opinions on Flower Power by SNSD?

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  • ELF
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    7 years ago
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    she's not my bias but I prefer Jesica by far?

    looks: Jessica is hands down prettier.

    vocals: uh-uh! of course, still Sica!

    dance: Hyuna may dance flawless, but it's not good. I think she dances b i t c h y and all. On the other hand, Jessica dances fine.


    -Jessica can act.

    -Jessica is from SNSD.. hahaxx

    • banana3 years agoReport

      "bitchy" well bruh her concept is sexy, if her concept wasn't sexy you'd be amaze by her dancing. You're clearly bias lmao and jessica is my bias wrecker so don't attack me though i prefer hyuna visual since her visual is different from others.

  • 7 years ago

    Bias Terms: Both

    Vocal Terms: Jessica-Noona

    Dance Terms: Hyuna-Noona

    Source(s): SONE & 4NIA
  • 7 years ago

    In terms of what? Vocal talent? Dancing skills? Variety show speaking skills?

    In my opinion, Jessica has the upper hand. She has a very well-trained voice with a nice, clear tone, soft vibrato, and solid vocal control. Jessica was also originally supposed to be a lead dancer. Her movements are very fluid yet strong, and very expressive. On Strong Heart, she was voted second best speaker, 5% behind fellow member Sooyoung.

    Hyuna's very talented as well, but very far from what Jessica's abilities. But they're both very different, so it depends.

    I enjoyed Flower Power and I look forward to the rest of the album.

  • 7 years ago

    Jessica, I don't really like Flower Power

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  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Jessica!!! I do love Hyuna too, she's really pretty and she's good at dancing and rapping. But honestly I think Jessica is more talented, her vocals are awesome and her dancing is, well pretty good, and she can act!!! I love both of them to pieces!!!

    Source(s): SNSD and 4minute lover ^.^
  • 3 years ago

    Lil Kim is much higher but she's not a legend... I am 30, she's of my new release, I grew up along with her. She wasn't that enormous to Hip Hop to the place she accomplished "legendary" reputation. Legend is a strong phrase and men and women throw it round too much. If we name each person who is old university or who offered a variety of albums a "legend" then it manner quite a bit much less once we're speakme about any one who rather is a legend and we name them that. Legends are persons with the intention to be written about in the history books 200 years from now. Legends are people so as to be remembered like the way Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley are remembered and known as legends. With that mentioned, the only legend up to now in Hip Hop is Tupac Shakur. He is the only man from rap that's on that Jimi Hendrix/Bob Marley sort degree to the place even historic men and women in their 50's find out about his reputation and reputation and the whole thing. I am 30, my father is sixty three. He would don't have any proposal who Lil Kim is and just a indistinct thought who notorious large was once. Many 12 yr olds and 63 12 months olds do not know Lil Kim. They all understand Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Tupac. If youngsters today don't know who Lil Kim is, which you can assurance she is not going to be remembered 200 years from now. Legends by no means die and are continually remembered.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Jessica. She surpasses Hyuna in every category.

  • 7 years ago

    jessica of course! hyuna is kinda too trashy for my taste. hyuna has a really cutie aegyo style image but her dances are a bit trashy.

    • banana3 years agoReport

      its because hyuna concept is sexy! But at least the choreographer of hyuna keep it classy.

  • 3 years ago

    jessica is my bias wrecker and hyuna is my fav. but you shouldnt compare them since they are different in many ways

  • Jessica Jung,she's more fappable

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