are women bi-sexual by nature?

i know alot of woman that are open lesbians.. the rest of the women i know seem to have lesbian tendencies.. how many women do you think are sexually open to a sexual relationship with another woman? my ex claims she could have sex with any woman she wants.

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  • 8 years ago
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    i am married and i am fantasizing about women. I want to have sex with a woman. Yes we probably are bi sexual in nature.

  • 5 years ago

    Your thought has extra holes in it than swiss cheese. First, you're taking an anecdote about "the legal guidelines of nature" as your groundwork, rarely greater than shifting sand. Then you took two summary words (appealing and attracted) and superimposed them on the opposite sexes. The 1/3 gap on your argument is that you fail to don't forget the present rising pattern in behaviour amongst men that might, in an earlier time, be perceived as homosexual behaviour. Matters like kissing, holding arms, putting fingers round shoulders and so forth. Are becoming extra suited behaviour amongst younger guys and their male neighbors. "homosexual chook" is fitting a more prominent recreation, guys kiss each different at parties for shock worth and at sports when celebrating. Take into account, these are guys who identify as heterosexual. So how does that slot in along with your "average order"? We're speaking in regards to the age ancient "nature vs. Nurture" argument right here. In the illustration of gender variations, nonetheless, Sociologists agree that socialization plays extra a key factor in setting apart men from women than organic inclination. Also the information on guys and ladies range commonly for various explanations; one, ladies are extra inclined to confess to being homosexual or bi than guys are due to the measure of tolerance that lesbians enjoy in Western society that gays don't. Gays and lesbians alike have more possible than now not had sexual experiences in straight relationships, and most straight individuals on the earth have experimented with anybody of the same sex at some factor in their lives. So whose to assert whose bisexual or lesbian or gay or straight? What makes a person any detailed sexual orientation. I determine as straight, however i will nonetheless recognize one more man's good looks.

  • 8 years ago

    I heard that all humans, male or female, have bisexual tendencies.

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