Will the substance and personalty(s) of GOD ever be settled by arguing over bible language?

Has arguing about the Trinity ever confirmed in anyones mind just what the substance and personality of God really is?

Does it serve the purpose of the christian God to keep his followers in the dark about his makeup and substance?

Who really is responsible for using DOCTRINES to discourage, and frustrate the search for God?


@GT all well and good what you postulate, BUT it puts God in the position of choosing only those who have the time and the wherewithal to "seek him". Billions of mankind at this moment are "seeking" gods that have nothing to do with Jesus or the bible. These seekers are sincere and believe from the heart their searching has paid off.

If the nature and substance of the Christian God is not even clear to those who profess to 'christian', what possible reason would there be for other sincere seekers of God to turn to Jesus? If finding the true Jesus was so important to mankind's survival, why put these 'linguistic' stumbling blocks in front of all who witness them???

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    Currently, I believe that mankind is given some leeway by God in their search for Him. Would an earthly father beat his son if he was genuinely mislead in some way?

    A person can read the bible and come to one conclusion, while 200 others can come to their own separate conclusions. They can't all be right can they?

    It is my belief that over-all spiritual message is more important than dogmatism, especially at these times of confusion and darkness.

    The Spirit of Truth at least appeared to keep the 1st century Christians in check (relatively speaking), but what about the centuries after when people forced and killed in the name of Christ? Were they listening to the Spirit of Truth then too? Or to God's Spirit? Which spirit were they listening to?

    There can only be one way that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that people should follow Jesus and his exact nature - some sort of extraordinary and amazing sign that everyone will see...like if he made another appearance to earth - I think they call it his second coming maybe? :)

    The Israelites were given COUNTLESS second chances...and they were supposed to be in a covenant relationship with God. Yet time and time again they perverted the truth and strayed. This did not prevent God from sending Jesus. Why would God not do the same thing again in these days of diversion from the truth? Especially considering that today "people cannot tell their right hand from their left" when it comes to knowing God - Jonah 4:11

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    They have been arguing over the doctrine of the trinity for over 1800 year now. Never has been settled and never will be.

    Unless God himself makes it crystal clear through his own voice. Leaving a written message when sound waves are at his beck and call, would be like modern man using Morse code rather than radio or television, to get the message out.

    This aspect of God's communication with mankind, has left me in serious doubt about the authenticity of the bible claim, to be the very words of God. His message has been interpreted and played with to the point that really not one single bible scholar or simple bible reader can have complete confidence that emanates from God himself.

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    8 years ago

    Yorkshire Lass gets a TU from me. When we repent, are forgiven and Christ Jesus accepts us and He becomes our Lord and our Saviour, only then can we enter into relationship with God and call Him "Abba, Father." We discover the substance and personality of God in two ways - first and foremost by reading about Him and learning about Him through the Word. God has many names, and those names tell us something about who He is, His attributes and qualities. Check out the link below. It will lead you to articles about:

    What is God?

    Names of God

    Attributes of God

    Abba, Father, God

    Names of Jesus Christ

    The other way that believers discover God is experientially. When I became a Christian 16 years ago, I considered the Trinity to be a false, pagan doctrine. But some years later, as I learned about God and Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, my eyes were opened, spiritually speaking. God doesn't expect us to run before we can walk, and the Spirit of God will reveal to us what we need to know, when we need to know it.

    Personally, I believe that the greatest damage caused by false doctrines is what Jehovah's Witnesses teach about Jesus. If we don't know who Jesus REALLY is, and what he accomplished for us at Calvary, then nothing else will make any sense.

    Arguing about the Trinity is meaningless because it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us. But God has not kept us in the dark about who He is - it his that liar and deceiver who is responsible for promoting false doctrines to discourage and frustrate people who are searching for God. However, God knows who are His, and it is God who calls and draws us. Those who earnestly seek will never be turned away.

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    Faith not intellectual understand is the key to knowing God in a meaningful relationship. For some mental understanding greatly enhances faith but it is still faith that is needed, even young children have the faith to really believe in God's Love for them.

    The Bible tells us not to get into useless disputes re the meaning of words, it only creates strife.

    Asking Jesus to be Saviour and Lord is the Way to come into a living relationship with God, then through the illumination to one's spirit given by God's Holy Spirit, a sense of God's reality and his Nature, grows. It is a wonderful and remarkable transformation into the Spiritual Realm.

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  • 8 years ago

    If God made everything crystal clear to our understanding, then He would not be God. We are not his equal. We do not have the ability to fully understand who or what he is. As to whether or not it will ever be settled...the answer I believe is Yes. But not in our lifetimes. Only in the afterlife.

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    How many angles fit on the head of a pin?

    That was an argument of an other era.

    That's what faith is.

    Faith. Nonsensical twaddle

    Source(s): belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact. Dictionary.com
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    First, you ought to settle the existence question. It just may turn out that the personality question is moot.

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