Juvenile Drug/Paraphernalia Possession for 17 years old?

I was arrested with my friend on Halloween. We smoked marijuana in a pool parking lot and when we came out cops were blocking us. They came over arrested us, and searched our car without saying anything. I kept quiet and cooperated, but my friend started to tell the cop that he never had the right to search his car. In my pocket was my phone, wallet, keys, and a bowl which was in there because I put it in after we were done. The cop found less than a gram of weed in the car (around 0.4 or 0.5 grams) . My friend was charged with Driving under the influence of marijuana and paraphernalia possession, and i got a citation for paraphernalia possession. (the weed was found in the console of my friends car). I have a court date set in about a month. I want to know whether i should plea innocent or guilty, and what the penalty will be. If it's a fine or time in juvie or what? Should I bring up the cop searching my friends car without asking? By the way, this is my first offence of anything. I have never been in trouble with the law before (if that helps)


Also, I live in Maryland, so what are the charges for that?

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    7 years ago
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    With the amount your friend will be going away for a very very long time this isn't something the justice system takes lightly especially in Maryland, you on the other hand will be facing a minimum of one year in juvi if you turn 18 before you Finish you will Finish your time in adult prison and have permanent record doesn't matter if it is your first offence or 20th i would invest in a very good lawyer.

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  • Ngugu
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    7 years ago

    If they had no warrant, you'll get off scot-free

    If they did, you'll have your @ss hauled to jail for half a decade and being a minor, the inmates are going to make you their *****

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