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Should I trade Josh Freeman for Johnathan Dwyer?

PPR League. 12 man.

My only legit RB is Ray Rice. My 2nd RB is Michael Bush after Cedric Benson got hurt.

My starting QB is Peyton Manning.

Josh Freeman is my backup QB.

The rest of my starters:

WR - Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Dez Bryant

TE - Rob Gronkowski

K - Mason Crosby

DEF - Houston


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  • 8 years ago
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    Dwyer is banged up - that backfield is a mess - and a QB should be worth more if being dealt as a starter to the other owner. And there will eventually be a committee for a series of RB's when/if the trio get healthy.

  • coburn
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    4 years ago

    With Manning as your starter, Freeman is particularly ineffective. i do no longer see why no longer. Dwyer ought to get a solid quantity of consists of this week, yet previous that, he won't be extremely-useful.

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