MS Access and Python?

I have a Microsoft Access database built, all tables, queries, and reports. I also have a “front end” written in Python for data entry.

I need to know, or be pointed in the right direction for learning, how to open one of these reports, passing variables, from Python

For example, a date range chosen while in Python, needs to be passed to satisfy the parameters of the query to then open the report.

I thought maybe this could be done via macro or sto-proc, but I’m not finding any useful information via web searches.

anyone with any insight?

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  • Ben
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    8 years ago
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    Access files are a bit of a mess and not easy to work with. You pretty much have to use COM automation (which is messy and not very fun) to call Access itself.

    The other option is to use IronPython, which is a version of Python written in C#. It's completely compatible with CPython (the reference implementation, the one you get from although you won't be able to use any libraries written in C such as Qt or Gtk. You can, however, access all the .NET libraries which means you can load the .NET JET drivers (JET is the database engine that Access uses).

  • 4 years ago

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