Why are liberals always oppose to tax cuts? Good economy, bad economy?

Why? I understand the argument when times are bad, but when times are good, why not give tax breaks and let people enjoy the fruits of their labor? Why do you always want what is in my pocket?


I thought this was politics, but most of you liberal, so the question will stand

Update 2:

You people are simple minded. I'm talking about tax cuts, and not taxes as a whole. Weren't liberals supposed to be smarter?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's the opposite. Government is supposed to tax when times are good and give back when times are bad. According to keynesian economics, that's how you smooth out the cycle and keep people happy.

    Of course, if you have visions of grandeur and a "bigger is better" philosophy, you won't like big bad government trying to slow down your growth to save for a rainy day. That's why governments have only been semi-keynesian. They'd rather not take when times are good (not popular). But when times are bad, they become summoned by the public to do so. Debt accumulates. (Under both parties. Don't give me that Conservative small government bs - that's NOT what the numbers say).

    Liberals generally believe government can be a force for good. But it's hard to do when people are as corrupt as they are. Conservatives tend to feel corruption is an inevitable aspect of human nature, Liberals tends to think good culture, good education and good society can actually make a better human being. That's a fundamental difference in views.

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    You do know that there is a ton of stuff that the government subsidizes with the taxes that you never pay attention to like clean water. We'd be paying a lot more for water usage if it wasn't for the government. They also pay for the police, fire departments, schools (so people with no kids pay for other people's choices, I may not agree with that but I still pay my taxes), meat industry (yup, here again that burger would cost you twice as much or more without the government subsidy to the meat industry, again I don't agree with this nor do I as a vegan get any benefits from this but it is included in our taxes), military (one where Republicans tend to want to increase spending for), etc.. Like it or not we have a big government and nothing will change it. Too much depends on our taxes. The differences are that liberals and conservatives want to spend the money in different ways. Plus, from what I have actually seen through my paycheck, my taxes were no different between Bush and Obama administrations, no lower or higher.

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    Your question is simplistic, and in the wrong category. Taxes provide services. Without taxes, there would be no roads, there would be no schools, there would be no fire and police protection, there would be far less scientific research and advancement. What do you want to reduce or cut out? How about the military budget that the Republicans want to increase? It's already more than the next ten countries combined.

  • 8 years ago

    Because paying your taxes is patriotic. Besides its tax cuts for certain groups we're opposed to. Who else gets tax cuts?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Taxes buy civilization.

    Why are conservatives so afraid that we'll turn into a socialist hellhole like Belgium, Germany, Norway, and Finland? Are those countries so terrible?

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    8 years ago

    No one likes paying taxes, but they pay for obviously trivial things like roads, fire fighting, schools, police, and things like that. By the way, what does this have to do with religion or spirituality?

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    In good times, surplus taxes should be saved to help smooth things out during rough economic times. Also, once taxes are cut, it is politically impossible to raise them ever again, as any politician who even mentions tax raises are very unpopular. Thus, cutting taxes is irresponsible.

    If you are someone who believes in very small, limited governemnt and support cutting Social Security and Medicaid then you would support cutting taxes.

    Source(s): been watching politics for a long time
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    the second link should explain quite a bit. When Reagan substantially cut taxes, the debt spiral started.

    And economics are not that simple.

  • Why are conservatives always posting questions that have nothing to do with religion in R&S?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    because they want to fund a navy that has changes since 1916

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