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How do I tell my mom that I was a bad kid?

Im 18 now but when I turned 13 , I was a really bad kid.

I use to party all the time , Smoke weed , drink, have sex and was in a gang. My mom never knew about it and she thought i was a really good kid. Now im 18 and completely changed and i dont do any of that stuff anymore . Now i wanna be completely honest with my mom . How can i tell her that I lost my virginity at age 13 , Smoked weed everyday , Party every weekend, got drunk and was in a gang?

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    tell her then say YOLO!

    lol jk no i dont think u should tell her i mean if the roles were reversed would u wanna know?

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    Just walk up to her and say, "Oh, Mom, by the way, when I was younger, I was a man-whore, smoked weed, partied like an animal, got drunk like a bum, and joined one of the worst gangs in town. Don't judge me."

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    um.. dont? that will start drama between the both of you so put the memories behind you and be honest with your future

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    A mother should notice these things about her child. If she didn't notice these things, she doesn't deserve to know now.

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