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Building an AR 15 and selling it at a profit ?

If I built an ar 15s from scratch in my spare time and sold them to friends and on gun broker, do you think I could make a profit. Also if I new someone who wanted an ar for something , I could build one to their needs. I would also enjoy doing it.

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    It would be likely be illegal. Any endeavor to make a profit from selling or customizing a gun would be considered a business by the ATF (and the IRS). You cannot engage in a business as a "dealer" or a "gunsmith" without at least a Type 1 Federal Firearm license.

    If you purchased the lower receiver and had it transferred to you, and then sold the assembled gun (with the lower receiver) to your friends, then you would be considered a dealer. If they purchased the lower receiver and had it legally transferred to them and lent it to you for the assembly, then you would be considered a gunsmith.

    Sorry @welcome to america, you are incorrect. Your #2 won't work as that would be considered being a "gunsmith" as the link below mentions also requires an FFL. Sorry to @vangion as well for the same reason.

  • Chris
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    What is with the TD's for WC? He is right. Buying any firearm with the intention of reselling it for profit is illegal unless you have your FFL. Buying a lower and building it is not away around that law, it just adds new laws you can been seen as breaking. Buying 80% lowers and making them into an AR can add even more legal issues. The ATF is pretty clear on that.

    Sure, there are people that do it all the time and sell privately and at gunshows, but if the ATF hears of it then you are screwed.

  • gory
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    Hmmm, why no longer merely get an bigger in a broom cartridge on your latest AR? I propose you may get stuff as much as .460 Bushmaster in case you go with a serious thumper or any way of 30 high quality brush or long variety cartridges. In a feeling you probable neglected the main suitable timing for advertising your AR, via fact throughout the top of the media hype appropriate to the Democrats the fees on tactical rifles grow to be very virtually absurd. no longer that i do no longer think of AR-10's are cool weapons, yet i might quite stay with swapping the better for somewhat longer era and shop as much as construct the AR-10 then make due with a a CX4 typhoon interior the intervening time. Incidently, this is not that i do in contrast to pistol high quality carbines, i actually do, as a house protection type of weapon, yet i do no longer comprehend that I see them as being versatile sufficient for a "SHTF" type of gun. Which of course is this is own type of absurdity via fact if the SHTF, regardless of you have is going to be greater advantageous than no longer something, and be properly suitable for some component to the challenge, and not properly suitable for the different. Thinkingblade Thinkingblade

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    WC and Chris are correct.

    Using a customer supplied lower is not a way around the legalities. If you build a gun you had better have a manufacturer FFL no matter who pays for the reciever

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  • Zack
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    Generally people don't pay much for home built ARs. If you offer that service you thought of and do a good job, you might make a bit.

  • Only 2 ways to do it legally that I know of.

    1. Obtain your FFL and provide the receiver

    2. Build up the rifle on a customer supplied receiver.

  • WC
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    7 years ago

    You do this often without obtaining an FFL, the BATF would come down on you hard. It is a fed. felony.

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    I do not believe that to be right

  • 7 years ago

    No. And it would be illegal.

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