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does ACE HARDWARE sell liquid fire?

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    8 years ago
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    Maybe. Unlike the true corporate chain stores, like HD, Lowes, Menards, etc., most of the 5000 or so Ace stores are "mom & pops", independent dealers with whatever degree of Ace Corp support they agree to. So, they may or may not choose a particular product to sell. Liquid Fire is a commercial strength sulfuric acid based drain cleaner, similar to Rooto Pro drain cleaner. Both are quite nasty and should be handled with care. In our stores, we sell both.

    We did suspend sales of Liquid Fire a few years ago until we could get it shipped in heavy sealed poly bags, safer for both staff and customers. Prior to that, I had a customer accidentally knock an unbagged quart of Liquid Fire off the shelf, breaking the top and spilling out, some on my leg. After securing the area, I zipped back to rinse, but by that time it had burned through my pant leg, sock, and put a couple of holes in my sneaker, with some expectable skin burn to my person. The floor covering where it hit was permanently scarred, and eventually replaced.

    Be careful with this stuff.

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