What was actor Burt Reynolds big mistake in life?

His mansion is being foreclosed upon, and he owes millions to various creditors along with his health problems.

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    This story is over a year old.

    Reynold's is 76 years old, he was one of Hollywood's highest-paid and most beloved movie stars but his troubles are mounting. He had open-heart surgery in Mar 2010.

    Merrill Lynch Credit Corp. filed a foreclosure lawsuit Aug 9, 2011, claiming Burt hadn't paid his mortage since Sept 1, 2010, on his home in Hobe Sound, a 4-acre waterfront Florida estate worth $2.4 million.

    He owes millions of dollars to people, he runs up bills and ignores them, said a source familiar with Reynolds' financial state. He also said the "house is falling apart...the land is what's worth the money."

    Reynolds filed bankruptcy in 1996 following a messy divorce from Loni Anderson.

    Burt Reynolds says his biggest regret is letting Sandy Fields go, she was the one that got away, he said.

  • 6 years ago

    Biggest mistake? Marrying Loni Anderson. I read his autobiography, he tried to back out of the marriage, but everyone was already at his place for the wedding.

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