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Windows 8 appstore...........?

Do you have to use the windows 8 app store or can you download games on internet explorer such as mw3 steam battlefield and such.

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    Windows 8 seems to me like a temporary solution between Windows 7 and modern OS. You are still able to download games by IE or install them from DVD or flash drive. In addition, Windows 8 introduces Windows Store (like iTunes or Google Play) with a lot of apps and games for one-click install. So Microsoft is completely turning to Apple's and Google's market models. There are like 5k apps at this moment in the store but that number is rising daily. If you prefer using browser rather than store app, you can find best windows 8 games on this nice site:

    So the complete answer would be.. you can install games the same way as you did on Windows XP/7 and you also can use new windows store to do that.

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    Windows 8 works just like Windows 7. You can install any programs you want and don't have to use the store.

    - Dominic

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