recommend a new tv show drama based on these? (suits, breaking bad, game of thrones, etc)?

best shows on tv in my opinion are...

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones


Boardwalk Empire

Walking Dead


now what am i missing?!

(please only make a suggestion if you like similar shows, i dont want to start watching true blood or whatnot..)


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  • 7 years ago
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    Exactly what you just wrote now I'm waiting to see if there is anything else out there like you!

  • 3 years ago

    Haven - its a mix between xfiles and fringe its beautiful good (its on netflix instantaneous) and its written by stephen king apartment of playing cards- its a political drama that suggests all of the backstabbing,mendacity,wheeling and dealing that goes on in capital hill and a first-rate performance through kevin spacey the first season was once potent (its best exceptional to netflix immediate) Orange is the brand new Black - made by using the creator of Weeds(one more fine comedy) ....An extra netflix immediate uncommon final resort - It quite pissed me off when nbc canceled this show mid season it was once probably the most satisfactory shows ive watched and it rather is sort of a long movie. Its a few captain of a nuclear sub refusing to launch an nuke on a country and now could be perceived as a terrorist with the aid of the us...This exhibit was once getting actual just right then nbc announced midseason that they'd not be renewing it so the final 2 episodes will suppose rushed however they writers nonetheless ended it good Continuum - its an k show its a few cop from 2077 that will get stuck again in 2012 (its on netflix immediate) Warehouse thirteen - begins out gradual but the last 2 seasons it has been getting lovely just right its a further a type of xfiles type clone shows with alot of paranormal stuff but its excellent (its on netflix instant) underneath the dome - simply finished observing the 1st season and that i cant stay up for the following season its rather good. Its about a small town that by hook or by crook will get trapped underneath a enormous obvious dome....Its written by way of JJ Abrams (lost,fringe)

  • Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Dexter are definitely my 3 favorite shows. But some others that come pretty close are:

    Sons of Anarchy




    The Wire

    Prison Break

    Hope this helped... :)

  • 7 years ago


    The Sopranos


    The Wire

    Band of Brothers

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  • 7 years ago

    The was TV show made last year called Camelot

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