sexual power over men?

women use their sexual power over men while they're still young and attractive. men have an inheritive weakness for them and they use it for their benifit.. men are willing to give them anything they want [or can afford] to get in there pants and they know it.. then why do women feel that men should stay faithful to them after they've lost their looks?

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    8 years ago
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    That's how you keep a man in the family while the kids are growing. You do whatever it takes to get the man to breed you, and then you do whatever it takes to keep him from wandering. It's easier if he's a Christian. Talk to some. This is what they talk about.

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    I guess it depends on the man. Women never had any "sexual power" over me. Also, I don't believe that women "lose' their looks with age, at least not in my eyes. When you are gay, a 95 year old grandma and a 21 year old "hot" Playboy centerfold have about the same effect on me = NONE! I don't want to see any woman naked, whatever she looks like.

    This doesn't mean that I find women ugly or gross to look at. I actually find women beautiful, they just don't turn me on sexually. When I look at a pretty woman to me it is like looking at a sunset, a flower, or a beautiful painting. I can tell when women are beautiful or ugly but her appearance has no effect on how much "power" she has over me because NO women have power over me!

    This does come with some great benefits. I can see a woman for who she is on the inside regardless of how she looks. I can be best friends with women, see them change clothing, hear all about their sex life and always be JUST a friend! I never have had a "crush" ruin a friendship with a woman unless it was her crushing on me. Guys can always trust me alone with their wives and girlfriends because they know I like men.

    I ALSO have never been suckered by some conniving, trashy, using tramp who thinks she can fool me just because she is hot. If a woman showed up to my house wearing a sexy outfit, I would laugh at this obvious attempt and probably give her a sweater, fashion tips and a makeover!

    It is unfortunate that some women act like this, especially when they would get a man sooner by putting on something modest and being a nice person. They probably would also attract better men who like them as a person, instead of idiots who are easily suckered and just want sex. Women like this not ONLY expect men to be faithful when they turn into old hags...they ALSO wonder why they "attract jerks" instead of good men. This is because the jerks are usually the only ones STUPID enough to fall for the "sexual power" of a woman.

    So what's the solution? The same as it is for gay men, straight men, bisexual men and ALL men = Think with your BRAIN instead of the other head! If someone sleeps with you they should do it because they are into you, not because they want something out of you. If you are dumb enough to fall for someone who is using you, then you can only blame yourself when you get used! I hope this answers your question. Best of luck!

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    I'd like, if I may to come at this from the standpoint of a faithful, straight guy who has been exclusively with the same woman for 20 years and married for 14 years. I'd also like to pick up on what Phantom wrote so well.

    Maybe women did have some sexual power over me when I was "available" or dating (or whatever). However, the sort of men the asker is referring to <want> to be seduced. I'd say these sort of men go for the sort of woman that will grant them that wish. 20-odd years ago, I was looking for a woman who I could respect as much as love - and that's not directly related to how she looks. As it happens, she's really good looking (and maybe just a little bit out of my league, but that's nice).

    What keeps me faithful is the respect I have for my wife. The appreciation I have for what I've got - a successful high-flying kick-*** babe of a wife who is a great mother to our children. THAT's what keeps me faithful! ...And that will <always> surpass looks.

    Now, in answer to Phantom (and this is where all the haters will start shouting) - I think you and I are very similar, but for totally different reasons. When I see a beautiful girl, I know what I'm looking at, but I don't see them as a sexual target. Not because I might be gay (I'm not - I'm pretty sure of that), but because I don't fancy anyone except my wife. Doesn't matter to me if someone is a guy or a girl.

    I also see a woman for who they are on the inside regardless of how she looks - because I'm not a threat to them, as there's no way I'll be hitting on them, so it doesn't matter to me if she's a stunner or not. I am also best friends with lots of women, see them change clothing and (with my closest girlie friends) hear all about their sex life. We both always know I'll be JUST a friend! I have also never had a "crush" or other stupid moment ruin a friendship with a woman. (I've never known one have a crush on me - but that's fine). Guys most certainly trust me alone with their wives and girlfriends because they know I'm totally faithful. I often have nights out with married / "going steady" girls.

    All this too good to be true? Not at all - my wife has lots of guy friends and goes to music festivals, etc with them. It's the same for her - she doesn't see other guys as sexual targets.

    Maybe I do have certain things in common with gay guys, it's just not their sexual orientation nor the dress-sense (we straighties can be a bit jealous of gay guys ability to dress really well).

    Hmm - I think I need to have this as a question of my own, rather than hijacking yours - sorry.

    Source(s): Married, faithful straight British guy.
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    Wow, really?

    Inheritable weakness for women?

    Willing to give anything?

    I am sorry but you are right and wrong.

    Not all straight guys are like that.

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