Do senior citizens still enjoy wearing jewelry like rings and things as the age?

I can't seem to want to any more and haven't for some years but I've been thinking about it. Would I look silly?

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  • Karen
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    7 years ago
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    If you're thinking about it, then I think you want to. And, if you want to, I say go for it. I know my hands (and other things) aren't as pretty as they once were, but I don't care. I wear whatever bling I want to wear. And, all my friends and family know to expect me to have some sparkles on, even if it's a t-shirt. I say have fun with it.

  • 3 years ago

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  • -
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    7 years ago

    I have jewelry but hardly ever wear it, I did wear a little bit of it when I was working in the store, it gave a little sparkle to my outfit. Most of the reason I don't like to wear much jewelry is that I am busy with my hands working, and I don't want to worry about losing a ring or damaging a piece of jewelry while working. My friend did that a few times and I heard about it more than I cared. I doubt that you would look silly unless you are so uncomfortable with it seems out of place.

  • 7 years ago

    You would not look silly.

    I wasn't good with accessorizing. I never cared for costume jewelry but I have friends who will wear an interesting pennant, bracelet, or earrings.

    When I did wear jewelry, I wanted it to be real g old, silver with real stones. I did have quite a few nice pieces diamond jewelry, gold bracelets and necklaces. I have given all my good jewelry away as I don't "dress" anymore.

    Now my jewelry is limited to the necklace my husband gave me, it is small and gold, a peace sign is on it. I wear two diamond studs in my ears, I wear my husband's and my wedding rings together on that finger, and I wear a silver bracelet my daughter gave me.

    I forgot to say, when a little younger, I loved to wear toe rings, my first husband would not let me do that.

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  • DeeJay
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    7 years ago

    I don't think you would look silly. I do indeed think you should wear them - if you are wanting to.

    The day I retired - I took my watch off - never wore one since.

    I had a bag of watches - that I took to Walmart and had the batteries replaced - several years ago and then gave them to - different members of my family who wanted them - along with - all of my jewelry.

    None was the expensive type jewelry - but worth handing down - to those who wanted it.

    I gave my wedding rings to one of my daughters - when my hands became too gnarled to wear them.

    I also quit wearing makeup about the same time..

    DeeJay - My jewelry is one thing - my family won't have to fight over.

  • 7 years ago

    I wear jewelry more now than I did when I was younger, perhaps because there were many years when I was working, I couldn't wear jewelry where I worked. I was a home health/hospice nurse, then before that a hospital nurse and before that a veterinary technician.

    However PRIOR to all that..I actually sold fine jewelry and diamonds for several years and even did hand modeling of some very expensive pieces in the Arkansas Gazette in the 1980's. And when I was an office manager I also wore jewelry to work.

    I try to coordinate my jewelry to match whatever outfit I put on..and then after I pick out earrings, (a small stud pair either of pearl or diamond or ruby usually higher on the lobe and then a coordinating dangle or stylish hoop style since I have double pierced ears and long hair and dangles look good with long hair) a necklace fitting the neckline. and ( always wear my wedding ring, engagement ring and anniversary ring ) ring for my right hand ( or rings ) and a bracelet and or watch...then I do what I learned years ago from reading advice from Coco Chanel...before you leave the house decide on one piece to remove... so the look isn't "overdone". That advice has worked well for me for more than 30 years!

    I may remove one of the pairs of earrings if I want to wear more than one ring on my right hand. Or I'll remove a bracelet if the watch is what I want attention drawn to, or I'll remove the watch if the bracelet and ring match and I have my cell phone clock handy in my purse :)

    It doesn't look silly to wear stylish jewelry at any age. Pick classic pieces ...they don't have to be expensive or genuine to look classy. Sterling silver and cubic zirconia pieces with smaller stones can look very classy combined with freshwater or simulated pearls.If you like colored stones or jade, they're also very "in" right now with many ethnic and tribal type styles. Those are pieces that will look good with sweaters and coats in the fall and winter. You don't have to spend a fortune to look like one.

    Some costume jewelry designs can look very expensive and classic and will last IF you care for the pieces properly. ALWAYS wipe them off with a jewelry cloth after removal. Skin oils, perfume and other cosmetics will ruin costume jewelry quickly and will even dull gold.

    ALWAYS remove gold jewelry before using household bleach and do not let bleach touch opal, coral or pearls.

    I wear my diamond rings every day and wore them before I was disabled..even hiking in the woods. I only took them off when I was working so I owuldn't risk scratching patients with the diamond rings or get chemicals on them when I was a veterinary technician.

    Go for it. Use Google images to search for styles of jewelry that might appeal to you. Then build your own look.

    Good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    I don't think rings (except for a wedding band) look good on anyone over 50 but that's just my opinion. As far as other jewelry is concerned well I finally realized that people don't wear watches anymore to tell the time since their cellphones do that for them. I suppose a nice bracelet with a dressy dress might look ok, and a pearl necklace.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Thats why they have mirrors at the store - check it out - then go home and think about it. Give it the overnight test.

    And no I never wore jewelry but now wear a necklace of amulets that people have given me and a wedding ring. And it is all fine.

  • 7 years ago

    I wear a couple of rings on my right hand, including my class ring from high school .

    I would get a nose ring, but it would make too easy for some opportunistic woman to lead me around by my nose that way and I definitely could NOT have that !

  • ROXY
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    7 years ago

    Love ear rings and wouldn't be seen dead without them! lately it's big hoops,why should the young ones have all the fun??

    bracelets for the last few years, avoid necklaces, they feel like a mill stone round my neck, even the lightest most delicate chains are a relieve to take off.

    ps nobody has told me I look silly lol,maybe they're not game enough

  • S
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    7 years ago

    As long as you don't dress like a punk goth, thats for the young ones. No you won't look silly. I don't wear much any more. With my fibro, and b/p meds I get kind of puffy and even my wedding ring gets tight at times.

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