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how to go from genting hightland to cameron highlands?

i am planning to go to Malaysia genting highlands and Cameron highlands in this December . Should i go to genting highlands or Cameron first? which way will be easier? and approximately how much will it cost for the whole trip?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Your Choice actually, Genting is nearest to KL (about 40km) for Casino or Theme-Park action.

    Buses to the Genting: (Not saying anything on Taxis/Limo)

    Pudu Sentral GENTING EXPRESS BUS SERVICE Ticketing Office: Counter No.43, Ground Floor, Pudu Sentral Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur

    Opening Hours: 7am - 7pm (Monday - Sunday) Tel: (603) 2072 6863 RM7.50

    KL Sentral GENTING EXPRESS BUS SERVICE Genting counter at Level 2,

    KL Sentral Station RM7.30

    Else if to Cameron Highlands more for Eco-Natural Beauty; most popular sights are the area's tea plantations and strawberry farms, its lovely rose gardens and waterfalls approx 200 km from KL.

    Get your tickets at puduraya (URL below) I'm guessing will cost U RM(20 - 35) for the bus ticket.

    Make sure U preBOOK your hotel stay. (Else rough it out as a backpacker and go to the elcheapo hotels - a gamble & not so secure but still ok - a peaceful country) Njoy !!!

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  • 3 years ago

    consider Anderson. there is not any public transport from Genting to Cameron. despite the fact that, that is advisable to earnings out at Pudu for the on an customary basis departure from KL to Cameron b4 you circulate away for Genting. this could provide help to make your self accessible till now the departure time for Cameron. good success.

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