Being a kpop trainee?

1)What are the auditions like in order to be a kpop star?

2)Would they make me go on a strict diet(I'm 48 kg or 107 pounds and I'm 100 cm or 5'3?)

3)If I make it as a trainee what would I do the whole day besides singing and dancing.

4)Im 1/4 Korean and 3/4 Black my Asian features are strong though(Lee Michelle made it and so did this full black girl shes in training you can find her on YouTube allysseTV) I'm fluent in Korean but just touching up on Hangul would that hurt my chances?

5)Would they give you a cell phone?when would you be allowed to use it?

6.How often do you see your family?

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    7 years ago
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    1.) Auditions are intense. Depending if you do a mass global audition or a smaller Weekly/Monthly audition, the judge's moods will be be different. The smaller audition the more open the judges, the bigger the audition the more picky the judges are.

    Usually you audition with a group of people and you each get 30 seconds or so to sing. If the judges like you they let you keep singing or ask you to sing another song. Otherwise they just cut everyone off after 30-90 seconds. Sometimes there are also rhythm tests where you are asked to freestyle to some random dance music.

    You will have fellow auditioners who can barely hold a tune to those who have been taking professional lessons for almost a decade.

    2.) Depends on your definition of strict. With all the exercising you will naturally lose weight and might not even have to diet. Of course if you end up debuting you will diet before your first stage. The strictness depends on the company. Surprisingly the smaller companies seem to have stricter diets than the Big Three.

    3.) Go to school if you're still in high school. Other than singing and dancing, companies also give prospective artists lessons in other areas. You might have lessons in foreign languages (Japanese, Chinese, [Korean or English is you don't already speak them], Spanish, etc.), composition, instruments, rapping, acting, and probably lessons in fashion, behavior, manners, etc.

    4.) ?? Depends which company you audition for. Since YG has accepted Michelle Lee, that wouldn't hurt your chances there.

    5.) Probably not... Once again depends on the company on whether or not (or when) you're allowed to use it. CUBE lets its trainees use phones but they must turn it in to a trainer as soon as they enter the building. Some companies ban phones and then gift their artists with phones after they find success in the industry.

    6.) Depends if they live in Korea or not. The closer you get to debut the less you'll see. I hear most companies do give their trainees a few weeks break to go home and see their family.

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  • 7 years ago

    1) Round 1: Audition ( against others & inftont of judges.

    Round 2: Audition again w/less people (those who made it), sitll infront of judges

    Round 3: Fly to Korean and Audition to become a trainee

    2) Depends I guess. Some do go on a diet by choice or by force.

    3) Go to school, learn korean/chinese/japanese. Sleep. Work (A 2nd job never hurts to have extra money) They give you an allowence too.

    4) They'll teach you, or you could teach yourseld. Most companies prefer if you already know if that way it doesnt take so long for you to debut.

    5) Youd buy the cell phone on your own. Any free time you get?

    6) If they're in Korea whenever you want. If their in America or overseas, then only if they fly to you.

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  • 7 years ago

    1.Here are some of my audition experience, officially when you sign up for the audition by their website, you will receive a message from them on your email, and they will list your time and which day is going to be held and in which city. Kpop audition have 3 round, first round is in a the city that the entertainment choose for you to audition and the 2nd round is idk but i think you have to go to somewhere in south korea nad 3rd round is when the actual entertainment get to see you audition. Life as a trainee is hard [mostly if your chinese, trainee from china are usually bullied] You will be train for 1-7 years depend on if you work hard or not, but it really depend on the person. if it easy-going or if it just need more help. for to audition when you debut you have to be as good as those kpop star who perform these days.

    2.Strict diet? Probably but im not sure, Tiffany from snsd use to be chubby [not fat] when she audition, she seem fine.

    3.I think all they really do is train onew from shinee say he only got 2 hours of sleep and then the training start again

    4.If lee michelle made it then "yes you do have a good chance" [Im asian and i dont even know any korea o_o, im chinese/hmong)

    5.I think you have to buy your own and yes you are allow to use it. Min from miss a was texting during a interview LOL

    6.I dont rlly know but never? or once a years. im not sure but fx amber went to visit her family during her trainee years

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  • 4 years ago

    Of course, that you could. SNSD's Seohyun managed to nonetheless go to institution at the same time as a trainee. Some SJ members, if now not all, absolutely had been studying when coaching times. Shindong even managed to work in the course of those instances. SHINee participants simply struggled to conclude at least high school. Minho and Key, if i am not fallacious though, pursued college. But it's a certain-fire problematic. So when you suppose you are going to regret it one day, decide now. However of direction if that you may manage to pay for to do both, that is higher.

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  • 7 years ago

    1. 3 rounds you sing and dance in them and fly to korea for the last one.

    2. You're kinda short...

    3. Acting, Modeling, Korean lessons etc.

    4. Sorry but they won't likely accept anybody who doesn't look korean, chinese or thai.

    5. Some companies let you have one but not SM for sure.

    6. You have no free time so unless they lived in korea or wherever you're performing never in your whole kpop career.

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  • 4 years ago

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