What are some foods that black people like to eat?

Im trying to put together a list of all the weird things that blacks eat. So far Ive got the following:

Fried Chicken


Kool Aid

Ham Hocks

Pigs feet


Collard greens


corn bread

Olde English malt liquor

KOOL or Newport Menthol Cigs

What else am I missing?

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    A - asparagus, apple, apricot, anchovies, applesauce, Alphabits cereal, artichokes, animal crackers, almonds, angel hair pasta, acini de pepe, acai berry, Apple Jacks cereal, avocado, Aero chocolate bar, agar agar, aubergine, angel food cake, aloo gobi, asiago cheese

    B - beef, beans, broccoli, beets, barley, bacon, biscuits, bundt cake, bread, bagel, butter, burrito, banana, bologna, blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, biscuit, bun, barbecue, BBQ, brownie, buffalo wings, basil, Bok choy, baker’s chocolate, breasts of chicken, brussel sprouts, blueberry muffins, banana bread, bean salad, baklava, buffalo meat, black bean buns, Balsamic dressing, breadfruit, bird's nest cookies, bird's nest soup, brains, bean sprouts, black eyed peas, Bruschetta, black forest cake, borscht, basmati rice, bulgur, butter squash, butter chicken,

    C - corn, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, crab, cracker, cookies, cucumber, croutons, cantaloupe, clams, cranberry sauce, corndog, cake, cashews, coconut, coffee, casserole, crepe, cod, cumquat, Caramel, candy, curry, cocoa, cream of mushroom, croissants, Caflib, chamomile tea, corn chips, cream cheese, custard, cranberries, currants, crawfish, crabcakes, Crème Brule, cabbage rolls, California dressing, cassava, creamsicle, Coroneto, candy cane, Coffee Crisp, corn flakes, cream puff, cow's tongue, caviar, corn fritters, cornbread, couscous, cobbler, carrot cake, custard, compote, coleslaw, cannoli

    Soft C - cereal, cider, celery, cinnamon, Caesar salad, cilantro

    Ch - chips, cheese, cherry, chicken, Chinese food, chili con carne, cheeseburger, Cheetos, Cheerios, chunky peanut butter, chocolate, chowder, chow mien noodles, Cheddar cheese, cheesesteak, chick peas, Chex Mix, chocolate chips, cheesecake, Chop suey, chapatis, chutney, churros, chalupas

    D - duck, donut, Danish, drumsticks, Dutch apple pie, durian, dairy, deviled eggs, dill, dill pickles, Dutch cookies, dark chocolate, dates, dim sum, dahl soup, Dream whip, dolmades, dandelion greens, Ding Dongs, Doritos<, ditalini (pasta), br>

    E - eggs, eggplant, endive, eggroll, Eskimo pie, escarole, eclairs, escargot, espresso, English muffin, Echinacea, elbow macaroni, eggnog, enchiladas, elephant ears, Eggs Benedict, edamame,

    F - fish, French fries, fruit, funnel cake, fajitas, fortune cookie, French toast, figs, fudge, flapjacks, frijoles, fritters, frosting, fruitcake, fruit pie, frankfurters, fried pie, Fig Newtons, Fritos, fettuccine, falafal, free range eggs, feta, fiddlestick greens, flour, fricassee, flap jacks, flax seeds, flax oil, focaccia bread, fudgicle, Fasolada soup, fried rice, fruit salad

    Soft G - gelatin, giblets, ginger, ginger ale, ginger beer, gingerbread, gelato

    G - garlic, gravy, green beans, grapes, gooseberry, garbonzo, granola, grapefruit, guacamole, grapeseed oil, graham crackers, green olives, gailan, green pepper, garlic bread, goat's milk, gyoza, gala apples, guava, gumbo, gazpacho, gizzards, goulash

    H - ham, horseradish, hamburger, hot dog, hoagie, honeydew, halibut, huckleberries, honey, hot chocolate, Heinz ketchup, Hollandaise, hummus, herbs, herrings, hearts of palm, hominy, hash browns, haggis, hog jowl, honey bun, Ho Ho's

    I - ice cream, iced tea, icee, icing, Indian jujubee, iceberg lettuce, Italian bread, ita palm, In Australia icy pole: a frozen flavoured ice treat, icing sugar: confectioner's dusting sugar, and iced doughnut, Indian curry, Irish stew, imitation baco bits, Imitation crab, Impastata cheese, Indian pudding, infant formula, instant coffee, instant oatmeal, Italian dressing

    J - juice, Jell-O, jelly, jam, jerky, jalapeño, Jujubes, jambalaya, Jamaican patties

    Source(s): K - kale, kohlrabi, kiwi, kidney beans, kumquat, kielbasa, Kool-Aid, ketchup, Kix cereal, Kit Kat candy bar, Kraft dinner, Knorr soup, Kraft dressing, kamut L - lima bean, leeks, lentils, liver, lettuce, lasagna, lemons, limes, lobster, linguine, lemonade, lamb, lemon tarts, long john donuts, legumes, Little Debbies Snack Cakes, liverwurst, licorice, Life cereal, M - mustard, macaroni, mushroom, milk, melon, muffin, marshmallows, mozzarella, mango, mince meat, marmalade, mahi-mahi, maraschino cherries, minestrone, margarine, maple
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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Cookbook : http://PaleoCookbook.raiwi.com/?Lqcf
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    You cannot eat Kool-Aid or cigarettes. You fail.

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  • 3 years ago

    I wanted to ask this question too yesterday

  • 7 years ago

    Mr. DJ answer so funny. I agree with his answer! lol

  • 7 years ago

    your missing a brain

  • 7 years ago

    i dont thing they eat cigarettes. but you forgot popeyes and happys pizza. and white girls. haha

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